10 useful terms for teachers of young learners

Teaching with Bear, what a classic! This post is for anyone about to start a training course in teaching young learners. These 10 terms came […]

Top 10 Skills Every HR Manager Should Have

Pursuing a career in HR is not that much easy. You have to be  responsible to hire, fire, watching an eye over the employees and […]

Learning Design and Curriculum Mapping

 Image source     As part of some consultancy work I am doing at the moment I am collating tools and frameworks for Learning Design. […]

The long and short of it

(Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash) So Twitter have finally gone and done it. They have rolled out the 280 character limit to everyone, […]

Guidiance & HiHaHo Join Forces

Guidiance is one of the easiest ways to create and share learnings. So we're happy that Guidiance are launching a collaboration with HiHaHo, enabling their […]

An Interview With Mark Visser By xapiapps

Recently, our friends over at xapiapps interviewed our CEO Mark Visser. Earlier this year, Alex Trevarrow sat down with Mark Visser (over Skype) to discuss […]

15 Awesome Project Management Hacks for Great Results

Are you interested to know about the project management hacks? If you are a project manager then you should know that project management is a […]

Top 10 Customer Service Training Courses List

Are you interested to learn the best customer service skills, practices, techniques in order to be great at your customer care? Good customer care service […]

Science Posters

As part of the first year science module, our students carry out an investigation and the record it as a poster. When I photographed them, […]

We Say “Wolkom” To Frisian!

Lytse talen maitsje de wrâld grutter was the slogan last September when the European Day of Languages was celebrated. And we added Frisian to our […]

On being a Chair and the value of reflection #altc

At our annual conference in September I become the Chair of ALT.  I have served my time as a Trustee and last year was Vice […]

The Invasion of Video in Education

You don’t want to be left behind. Explore the technological possibilities and use it to your own advantage and the advantage of your students. Trust […]