Helping young people gain the skills they need for a digital future: guest blog post for Parent Zone

One of the best bits about blogging is that you just never know who is reading your posts and where that might lead.  I was […]

Making things up… during observed lessons

Last weekend I had a pretty scary lesson observation… I’ve been observed more at British Council Thailand than in any other teaching job, which is […]

Change Management: From Civil Servant to Consultant

Changing the mindset of civil servants overnight isn’t the easiest thing. If possible at all. But with our Triple Blend Learning™ project, we successfully helped […]

Technical Update August

The world of technology is changing at a fast pace. And so are we! In this Technical Update, you will learn about all recent changes […]

From the bell curve to the cyborg, designing anonymous learning spaces: reflections on #altc part 2

Once again all the #altc keynotes knocked it “out of the park”. Three very different perspectives, approaches and presentations yet all three complemented each other […]

Some of my #altc spaces and my new norm(al) (part 1)

#Iwill think more about spaces #altc — Sheila MacNeill (@sheilmcn) 7 September 2017 This was my final thought at this year’s annual #altc conference. What […]

Employee Onboarding Revolutionized By Interactive Video

Many companies struggle with setting up a good onboarding program. But when you’ll incorporate interactive video into your company’s onboarding, things will instantly become easier […]

App review: ELSA Speak

Let it gooooo, let it gooooo! Now that’s out of my system, here’s a review of ELSA Speak. It’s an app that teaches you to […]

Getting set for #altc

Only 4 sleeps to go until the biggest and best learning technology bash in the UK, the #altc conference starts in Liverpool. The title of […]

Video blogging, playing with Lumen 5

At the #altc Scotland meeting in June, Joe Wilson used a video he created using the Lumen 5 service. It was a really nice addition […]

What is the Delaware Stars Quality Rated System for Preschools?

Launched in 2007, Delaware Stars is the state’s quality rating improvement system for child care providers. It is managed by the Delaware Institute for Excellence […]

Trust Center: Our Commitment to Security

Posted by Julie Delazyn Our commitment to security is real. Security and reliability are key to both to our success and the success of our […]