How to Round Numbers in Google Sheets? (ROUNDUP/ROUNDDOWN)

Google Sheets makes it easy to round numbers. It features several functions that can accommodate a wide-range of rounding. Whether you need to round to […]

How to Use SWITCH function in Google Sheets?

The SWITCH function in Google Sheets is a helpful tool for changing how a cell behaves based on the value in another cell. It’s incredibly […]

How To Calculate Weighted Average In Google Sheets (AVERAGE.WEIGHTED)?

You can calculate weighted averages in Google Sheets by using a built-in formula: AVERAGE.WEIGHTED. Weighted averages are useful for calculating average scores when some factors […]

How To Format Phone Numbers In Google Sheets?

With a little know-how and effort, you can format phone numbers in Google Sheets any way you’d like them to appear. Unfortunately, Google Sheets doesn’t […]

How to VLOOKUP Multiple Columns in Google Sheets?

VLOOKUP formula (or Vertical lookup) in Google Sheets is a formula that you can use to look for a value in a columnar data set. […]

How to Highlight Duplicates In Google Sheets (Easy Steps)

With a little know-how, you can use Google Sheets to highlight duplicates. You can customize how Sheets represents a duplicate match so it makes sense […]

How to VLOOKUP from Another Sheet in Google Sheets

You can unlock the full potential of Vlookup, (vertical lookup), in Google Sheets by using it to call data across different spreadsheets and workbooks. The […]

How to Convert Text to Numbers In Google Sheets

You may think in what scenario will I need to convert text to numbers in a Google document or in Google sheets.  Think about it […]

Capitalize First Letters in Google Sheets (Easy Formula)

If you work with text data in Google Sheets, there are many useful text functions that can help you slice and dice the text data […]

Remove Last Character from a String in Google Sheets (or Last N Characters)

When working with data in Google Sheets, sometimes you may have a need to remove the last character from a string (or remove the last […]

Google Sheets Weekday Function – Explained with Examples

There might be times when you want to know what weekday it is on a specific date. For example, you may want to know the […]

Using FILTER Function in Google Sheets (explained with Examples)

Google Sheets has some useful functions that are not available in Excel (such as IMPORTRANGE, QUERY, IMPORTDATA, etc.) One such extremely powerful one is the […]

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