How to Use the ISTEXT Function in Google Sheets (Easy)

Sometimes you’re using Google Sheets not to collect your own information, but to collect information from others. At that point, you need something called validation. […]

How to Use MMULT Function in Google Sheets: An Easy Guide

The MMULT function in Google Sheets provides a really easy way to perform matrix multiplication. In this tutorial we will discuss how matrix multiplication works […]

NPER Function in Google Sheets

Loans. They’re a fact of life. Car loans, personal loans, credit cards, and home loans — once they’re taken out, they’re going to have to […]

ImportHTML Function in Google Sheets: How to Import Any Table or List from a Web Page

Google Sheets has a good range of functions to import data from external sources. Some of these include IMPORTRANGE, IMPORTFEED, IMPORTDATA, IMPORTXML, and IMPORTHTML. In […]

How to Sum Cell Values Between Two Dates in Google Sheets – Using SUMIF with Dates

The SUMIFS function in Google Sheets is quite helpful in a variety of situations, including those where you want to find the sum of cell […]

Google Sheets MEDIAN: How to Find Median in Google Sheets

There are certain statistical metrics that are often used to analyze and get a basic idea about a given set of data. Some of these […]

How to Use REGEXEXTRACT Function in Google Sheets (8 Examples)

REGEXEXTRACT is part of the suite of REGEX functions that Google Sheets provides. The function is extremely handy when you are trying to dig out […]

How to Use REGEXREPLACE Function in Google Sheets

REGEXREPLACE is a handy function offered by Google Sheets that lets you quickly replace parts of strings in your sheets. It comes as part of […]

How to Use the INDEX function in Google Sheets (Examples)

The INDEX function is perhaps one of the most under-used functions in Google Sheets. However, if you know the right way to use it, you’ll […]

How to Convert Time to Decimal in Google Sheets (2 Easy Ways)

If your dataset contains date and time values, there might be situations where you need to convert them to decimal numbers. For example, you might […]

Formula Parse Error in Google Sheets (& How to Fix it)

Formulas in Google Sheets were meant to make things easier for us. However, every Formula user, irrespective of whether it’s a beginner or expert, has […]

How to Delete Every Other Row in Google Sheets (Easy Formula Trick)

The Google Sheets filter is a powerful tool that can help you manipulate how your spreadsheet data displays nondestructively. For example, you can use this […]

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