CES 2018 preview [JWT Intelligence]

CES 2018 preview — from jwtintelligence.com Excerpt: The Innovation Group rounds up a preview of what’s in store at CES. Next week, the electronics industry […]

“3 ways AR will find its way into your life in 2018 and beyond” + 4 items on AR, VR, & MR

3 ways augmented reality will find its way into your life in 2018 and beyond — from entrepreneur.com by Han-Gwon Lung Up to 40 percent […]

Honda’s Beautiful AR Holiday Card Brings Smiles to Hospitalized Children

Digital Bodies: Honda is taking the lead this season with a beautiful AR holiday card for children at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). […]

The 10 Most Exciting Digital Health Stories of 2017 [Mesko]

The 10 Most Exciting Digital Health Stories of 2017 — from medicalfuturist.com by  Dr. Bertalan Mesko Gene-edited human embryo. Self-driving trucks. Practical quantum computers. 2017 has […]

“The Beatriz Lab – A Journey through Alzheimer’s Disease ” + 4 other items on Virtual Reality

This three-part lab can be experienced all at once or separately. At the beginning of each part, Beatriz’s brain acts as an omniscient narrator, helping […]

Some predictions for 2018: Learning-wise & tech-wise

eLearning: Predictions for 2018 — from news.elearninginside.com by Cait Etherington Excerpts: The educational technology sector grew substantially in 2017 and all signs point to even […]

AI: Embracing the promises and realities [The Allegis Group]

AI: Embracing the promises and realities — from the Allegis Group Excerpts: What will that future be? When it comes to jobs, the tea leaves […]

“Technology from ‘Harry Potter’ Movies Brings Magic of Brain into Focus” + 2 items on VR

Technology from “Harry Potter” Movies Brings Magic of Brain into Focus — from scientificamerican.com by Bahar Gholipour Software lets scientists explore the brain in 3-D […]

Louder than words

My last couple of blog posts have argued in favour of extracting value out of organisational capabilities. Due to the nature of my role I […]

What’s sold to us as normal

It’s been one year since 1/4 of eligible US voters decided the worst of men should be President of the US. Sarah Kendzior, an expert […]

Be kind.

I don’t feel like making a Venn diagram so you’ll have to imagine two circles that intersect. One circle says Trump. The other circle says […]

The Ultimate List Of Social Care Courses

The objective of this article is to gather various free health and social care courses that are offered online by reputed organisations worldwide, with an […]