How VR saves lives in the OR [Fink]

How VR saves lives in the OR — from by Charlie Fink Excerpt: We see seven themes emerging from new VR and AR apps […]

Great resources from Inside AR & VR’s “Back to School” edition

Inside VR & AR (Sep 15th, 2017) It’s that time of year again, and we’re bringing you a special “Back to School” edition of Inside […]

Why having a job isn’t always better for our health

Unemployment is widely regarded as contributing to a range of mental and physical health issues.  Is any job better than no job though?  That was […]

6 items re: AR & VR

Samsung to develop VR mental health diagnosis tools for hospitals — from by Cho Mu-Hyun Samsung Electronics will work with Gangnam Severance Hospital and content […]

How wellness programs boost employee productivity

Employee wellness programs are increasingly widespread, but they are probably cursed by the perception that they’re a bit fluffy and not that beneficial to the […]

Making a MOOC [from Harvard Magazine by Jonathan Shaw]

Making a MOOC — from by Jonathan Shaw Excerpts: Now, as one of a small number of Harvard faculty members each year whose course […]

Brompton Aim To Get Employees Cycling

As a keen cyclist, I’ve long felt there are significant benefits of riding to work, both in terms of physical and mental wellbeing.  That was […]

The good life

In a previous role I had cause to draw up an employee lifecycle. Despite my years in HR up until that point, it wasn’t something […]

In today’s tech world, often it’s a “winner takes all” situation

Winner takes all — from by Michael Moe, Luben Pampoulov, Li Jiang, Nick Franco, & Suzee Han   We did a lot of things that […]

Four futurists weigh in on the jobs of the future [Frey]

Four futurists weigh in on the jobs of the future — from by Thomas Frey    

Making urban air cleaner

A recent report from the World Health Organization found that more deaths are attributable to air pollution in the UK than pretty much any other […]

Have a break… have a Twitter break

It’s that time of year again where being a teacher is probably more stressful than ever. Teachers are worrying about how their classes will be […]