Big data and the fight against cancer

Being able to understand the way tumors change is crucial in order to distinguish between benign and lethal ones.  A Swedish team have recently created […]

The Smart Wearable Device To Prevent Back Pain

It’s estimated that as many as 80% of adults will experience lower-back pain at some point in their lives.  Finding an effective way of solving […]

13 Health and Social Care Courses To Sync Your Passion With Your Career

The objective of this article is to present the free courses available online on “Health and Social Care” in a consolidated form for the benefit […]

Voice based interfaces for home healthcare

I’ve written previously about the wide range of new technologies that are increasingly capable of analyzing our voices for everything from Parkinson’s to PTSD. With […]

Using IoT to provide smart monitoring in ICU

Sensors are commonplace in most advanced hospital wards, but an Israeli startup believes that its latest device can provide welcome additional insights in the intense […]

The device that provides early warning of chronic diseases

A lot of the applications of big data and machine learning in healthcare have revolved around the provision of an early, or earlier, diagnosis of […]

How much health information is too much?

We live in an age of unparalleled information about health and wellbeing, yet we are also living in an age of chronic diseases brought about […]

American Board of Medical Specialties Conference

ABMS, a  prominent board of medical specialty boards, will hold its annual conference in Chicago, September 25-27.  Healthcare professionals attending will include medical educators interested […]

Innovative ways of using digital learning in the Healthcare sector

The digital age has opened up opportunities for the healthcare sector, everything from patient self management to improved data on outcomes. It will probably not […]

The Growth of VR as a Training Tool

I’ve written before about the growing number of applications of virtual reality technology in training scenarios.  A team from the University of Virginia have developed […]

eLearning Takeaways from eACH 2014

A few weeks ago fellow executives and I travelled to Toronto for the 2014 eLearning Alliance of Canadian Hospitals (eACH) Conference. I have wanted to […]

A Tribute to Robin Williams

Something good will always come, so long as we ensure it does.