#361 Manage your files in Windows Explorer using drag and drop

Do you find it annoying moving files and folders using Windows Explorer? Why not use drag and drop! All you need to do is open […]

#362 Cutting sections from Word? Spike them instead!

The spike feature is a little known function in Word, but enables you to keep all your cut items together (on an imaginary spike!) and […]

#353 Drag and drop URLs into a Dropbox folder

Did you know that you can save a website URL to a Dropbox folder? Well now you do! This is really useful to keep all […]

#321 How to extend your laptop display over 2 screens

Does your laptop and monitor display a duplicate screen?  Would you like to change this setting to extend one display over 2 screens?  If the […]

#319 Presenting with PPT [5/5]: Using Presenter View

Have you considered using Presenter View when you present during lectures?  Presenter View allows you to view your presentation notes and preview upcoming slides all […]

#314 Outlook Calendar getting cluttered? Create a new one!

It is easy to create multiple personal calendars in Outlook. You might want to create a calendar which includes your personal appointments, university wide events […]

#315 Presenting with PPT [4/5]: Using the Slideshow View Menu

The slideshow view menu provides you with different tools that can enhance your presentation whilst you are presenting.  Watch the video below to find out […]

#313 Double spacing in Word

This tip comes to you from a horror story I heard recently about a student manually double spacing their dissertation! To save another student from […]

#307 Presenting with PPT [3/5]: Using Ink Annotations

Ink Annotations can be used to highlight key points of a lecture and annotate any images or diagrams in your presentation.  Watch the video below […]

#303 Quickly amend repeated errors with Find and Replace in Word

It can be a heartbreaking moment when you realise you’ve been spelling someone’s name incorrectly throughout a document, or if a frequently referenced document changes it’s […]

#305 Create repeating table headings in Word

Have you ever created a table in Word that spans over 2 pages or more and the table header disappears? Annoying, yes? Well you can […]

#306 Quickly save all attachments from an email

Have you been sent an email that is bogged down with attachments? If so, never fear! There is a really quick way to save all […]