Live Conference on Open Educational Projects for CLIL Primary Education

On Thursday 4 May 2017, my group of beginner teachers and myself will be presenting at Moodle MOOC 10, at 16:00 Spanish time, on Open […]

Moodle MOOC 10 - Starting on 1 May 2017

Moodle MOOC 10 (MM10) is scheduled to take place from May 1 - June 4, 2017 on Moodle for Teachers. The purpose of the MOOC […]

Why opening a learning diary

What is a leaning diary A learning diary is a fantastic tool that helps us all build our personal identity in the Internet and in […]

Pair up and swap introductions!

That is the warm up challenge that a group of pre-service CLIL teachers at the URJC Master's Degree for the Use of ICT and Digital […]

Flip your students' role in Project Based Lessons

On 5 July 2016 I was invited to facilitate a live webinar for the 'Introducing Project-Based Learning in your Classroom' Mooc held by School Education Gateway […]

A live CLIL Choco - Talk

On Thursday 7 April, 19:00 Spanish time, The #ictclil_urjc bunch, 2016 Edition, is having a live choco-talk about CLIL. This live event is a crossover […]

Pitching a CLIL eProject Prototype

Over the last weeks I have been tipping on the importance of evaluating others' work, even if it is only for inspiration, as well as […]

Evaluating before designing

Before designing any kind of educational project, or even before planning it, it is essential to evaluate works by other teachers, especially if they inspiring […]

Planning a CLIL e-project

When planning a CLIL eproject, it is important to know various techniques and strategies that help it become successful. Consider surfing the tips and tools […]

Digital Literacy and Open Content Curation for CLIL

Digital literacy is surfing the net with a critical eye. Designing a digital project, including digital resources and content in it often involves remixing content […]

As-you-go ePortfolios

The students at the Master's Degree on The Use of ICT and Web Resources for CLIL Primary Education, 2016 Edition, have started showcasing their evidence […]

Surprise Visitor To The #ictclil_urjc Classroom

There is nothing better for a teacher than to welcome back one of her most brilliant students into class, and if it is a surprise […]