E-Learning Adoption in Organizations 6: More Characteristics of Adopters

In this, the penultimate article in this series, I will describe some more categories of innovation adopters, before concluding the series of articles about Elearning […]

Hot fudge sundae

Through their research on informal and incidental learning in the workplace, Karen Watkins and Victoria Marsick have produced one of the strongest evidence-based framework on […]

Elearning Adoption in Organizations 5: Rate of Adoption

People (and organizations) don't adopt new ideas at the same time or at the same pace: rate of adoption vary considerably. Some adopt ideas when […]

Computers, the Internet and Creativity - Net Gain or Net Loss?

One topic for discussion in our gifted curriculum class last week was creativity.  Our instructor began the discussion with a fact: since the 1980s, researchers […]

Elearning Adoption in Organizations 4: Complexity of Practice

As discussed in my previous post on Elearning Adoption in Organizations, research undertaken by Bohlen and Beal indicates that complexity of practice is a significant factor […]

Innovation In E-learning In The Last 10 Years

E-learning has seen a broad positive shift in the last couple of years. The new E-learning technologies keep on evolving, and a lot of companies […]

Elearning Adoption in Organisations 3: Stages of Diffusion

According to Everett M. Rogers, peoples' attitude to a new technology is a key element in its diffusion. Roger’s Innovation Decision Process theory asserts that […]

“VR tech enters a Chinese courtroom,” “Watch Waymo’s VR View of the World” + 8 other items on AR, VR, MR, XR

Virtual reality technology enters a Chinese courtroom — from supchina.com by Jiayun Feng Excerpt: The introduction of VR technology is part of a “courtroom evidence […]

PD is getting so much better!! [Jennifer Gonzalez]

PD is getting so much better!! — from cultofpedagogy.com by Jennifer Gonzalez Excerpts:     1. Unconferences 2. Intentional professional learning communities (PLCs) 3. Choice […]

Scientists Are Turning Alexa into an Automated Lab Helper [Condliffe]

Scientists Are Turning Alexa into an Automated Lab Helper — from technologyreview.com by Jamie Condliffe Amazon’s voice-activated assistant follows a rich tradition of researchers using […]

DC: Might Alexa be a tool to periodically schedule & provide practice tests & distributed practice on content?

From DSC: After seeing the article entitled, “Scientists Are Turning Alexa into an Automated Lab Helper,” I began to wonder…might Alexa be a tool to […]

DC: Why aren’t we further along with “lecture recording” within K-12?

From DSC: Why aren’t we further along with lecture recording within K-12 classrooms? That is, I as a parent — or much better yet, our […]