Keith's Quick Quotes: A Sabbath in Name Only [VIDEO]

The Internet is never switched off.  This 'always on' phenomenon has become a business and (to some) a personal challenge.  Many are expected to offer […]

Diigo Weekly Bookmarks

Need some activities to ignite your math lessons? Then be sure to check out this week’s lineup of new Diigo bookmarks, sites that can be […]

So What's the Big Deal About Reporting Attendance? [VIDEO]

RING, RING…. Student Services:  “Hello, Student Services, this is Sheila.  How may I help you?” Student:  “My name is Shelton Studyhard.  I tried to login […]

Grab a Piece of the Pi Using Cool Classroom Resources

Hey, math gurus! It’s that time of year again when teachers, students and mathematicians from all over the world honor the fun-loving irrational Greek figure pi (π). That’s right! […]

20-Minute Mentor Commons: How Can I Help Students See that Sweat--Working Hard and Smart--Is Key to Their Success? [VIDEO]

There are a couple of key misperceptions that students have about learning. One is that it happens quickly and two, that learning it is easy. […]

Off Campus Library Services: Using the Learning Center in APA Style CENTRAL

Ever skipped over an article because it was too long? Zoned out on an online presentation after the first five minutes? If you need short, […]

Make It Real with iFakeText

Yeah, we all know how much students like to text… So, why not leverage this obsession by taking advantage of a web tool like, a […]

The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics: Going for the Gold!

For sports fans like me—and many of our students—the next few weeks will be an exciting time as we cheer on our favorite skiers, skaters […]

Thriving in the Onsite Classroom: 3 Tips You May Not Know [VIDEO]

Onsite pedagogy represents a wealth of successful strategies.  Maybe there is a tactic you have not tried before with your students. Whether it is your […]

The Toolbox: Leverage Social Media for Better Learning [VIDEO]

Some of the most pervasive and active forms of digital content are found on social media platforms. Instructors can use these platforms as a powerful […]

Commitment to Excellence: S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G Your Students

Our family’s nickname for me is: La Profe Dura (“Tough Prof”). It’s a souvenir from our days in Ecuador, where each semester at the seminary […]

Off Campus Library Services: Empowering Students Through APA Style CENTRAL

Often a student enters an adult degree program at Indiana Wesleyan University having taken few or no college preparation courses. He or she may never […]