Watchworthy Wednesday: Lessons on Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship, according to Common Sense Media, is “a way of thinking critically online, being safe with your information and who you connect with and […]

Screen Time for Kids: Getting the Balance Right

From digital homework platforms to extended video chats with friends, from remote working to family WhatsApp groups, there are infinite ways that digital media are […]

How To Protect Your Privacy As An Online Student.

Technology has always been a driving force of change. It has radically transformed education. Students have the convenience and flexibility to study online. However, online […]

Internet safety and digital citizenship

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5 Simple Ways to Develop Students’ Digital Literacy

While there are a variety of ways to help build and encourage your students’ digital literacy, we’ve gathered five of our personal favorites below that […]

Media and Digital Literacy: Resources for Parents

This edutopia list of resources discusses the importance of parents being involved in their children's journey of digital literacy to make it easier (and safer) […]

Social Media Use Could Come With A Price!

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, and Pinterest are all ways teens stay connected. Social media allows us to connect with those near and far and […]

Blog Post #8 – Pirating

This wordle is free by linking back to==> <==   Digital Citizenship: Henry from Mr. Kirsch on Vimeo. Part #1 – Case Study ==> […]

Student Digital Citizenship Infographics 2015

The following are student created infographics on a specific topic of Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety. Students are in 8th grade. The objective of the […]

7th Grade ICT Digcit blog reflections

Student in my 7th grade ICT class are blogging about Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship! The following story via storify is a collection of my […]

8th grade ICT Digital Citizenship Comic Strips 2015

The following are my 8th grade ICT students Digital Citizenship Comic Strips they created via Pixton and then posted on their blogs! The objective was […]

Post #3 – Comic

Comic Strip – Digital Citizenship Scenarios. Please create a comic strip on some aspect of Digital Citizenship utilizing Pixton! Keep in mind all the different […]