Success Story of An Agriculture Field Officer – Lokesh Kumar Ojha

  When we think about a career in Agriculture, we imagine a farmer working in the field, or riding a tractor. The sector is not […]

Fixing Feedback in the Design Process, Elearning Tools

zipBoard Digest Fixing Feedback in the Design Process Let us start by establishing the scope of design and its stakeholders. Just how buttons, colors and typeface […]

Inside the Workings of a Digital Product Studio, Hamburger menu

zipBoard Digest Inside the Workings of a Digital Product Studio — Apegroup A ubiquitous aspect of all design projects is collaboration. Here at zipBoard, we are building […]

Do Soft Skills Still Matter in the Era of Digital Transformation?

Interview with Richard Cannane - Global Training & Development Manager at Trafigura – speaker at Speexx Exchange 2017. What will be the impact of technology […]

Interview with Jon Samuelson, @JonSamuelson: Digital Reporters!

Each mission in my new book, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions, shares an example of the Mission in Action by […]

The ‘killer’ interview question?

In your last interview, were you asked a question you thought was either too tough, too personal, too ambiguous, etc.? Did you think you ‘nailed […]

RPP #158: StudyTree - Interview with Ethan Keiser

Interview with Ethan Keiser, CEO of StudyTree We discuss how StudyTree integrates academic support services with artificial intelligence to provide students with a mobile automated […]

Interview with Noah Geisel, @SenorG: Motivate with Digital Badges!

Noah Geisel, @SenorG, is the first person who really taught me about the potential micro-credentials and digital badges have to motivate learners to achieve great […]

How to Dress for an Interview

A job search can be a tiresome and time-consuming process. And when you get that long-awaited invitation to the interview, you find out that a […]

What to Expect from the Next Generation Learning Platform

  Becky Willis, VP of Enterprise Engagement at EdCast, will be presenting during our October 31st webinar about a learning experience platform called EdCast. Becky […]

Association Learning Report Interview with Tagoras

According to the “Association Learning + Technology Report” created by Tagoras, “Digital badges are offered by 14.8 percent and, like micro-learning, seem poised for significant […]

Interview with Kimberly Sanchez: Argument in the Digital Age

Each mission in my new book, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions in Your Classroom, shares an example of the Mission […]