RPP #157: Blackboard Roadmap - Interview with Jim Chalex

Interview with Jim Chalex, Vice President of Product Management at Blackboard Inc. We discuss the Blackboard Learn product roadmap. What are the various "flavors" of Blackboard […]

Four Steps to Make Video Testimonials

Four Steps to Make Video Testimonials Here are four steps to make video testimonials that increase engagement and boost sales. Looking for more reasons to […]

How to Improve Your Interview Skills

Do you have an intense fear of job interviews? You’re definitely not alone, with most people feeling anxious and nervous when placed in interview situations. […]

Design Version Control, On-Page SEO Audits, Interview with Arlo Jamrog

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Marketing automation tools, Blended Learning, Interview with Philippe Hong

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Why Prototyping, User Friendly Web Forms, Interview with Dan Saffer

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RPP #154: Maplesoft Möbius - Interview with Jim Cooper

Interview with Jim Cooper, CEO of Maplesoft, about Möbius their new comprehensive online courseware environment that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We discuss: […]

RPP #155: Connected Casebook - Interview with Vikram Savkar

Interview with Vikram Savkar, Vice President & General Manager, Legal Education, Wolters Kluwer. Connected Casebook is an integrated digital and print learning solution designed to facilitate deeper […]

Educating Medical Personnel: New Book Reviews CPD Topics

Every so often a book is published that provides a community of practice with a fresh perspective on current issues.  Editors William F. Rayburn, Mary […]

Lean UX, Interview with Jane Portman, Entrepreneurship tips

zipBoard Digest Lean UX: Are You Collecting Sufficient Feedback and Validating Enough? Understanding Lean UX and Its Suitability For Teams In today’s dynamic environment, development teams […]