The vast majority of lessons in K-12 and lectures in higher education should be recorded. Here’s why. [Christian]

From DSC: The vast majority of the lessons being offered within K-12 and the lectures (if we’re going to continue to offer them) within higher […]

How to find out which apps will no longer work in iOS 11

In September 2013, Apple introduced the iPhone 5s with its first 64-bit processor, the A7 and they launched iOS 7, the first 64-bit iDevice from […]

Campus Technology’s 2017 Teaching with Technology Survey [Kelly]

Smartwatches Deemed Least Valuable Technology in the Classroom — from by Rhea Kelly In our second annual Teaching with Technology Survey, faculty revealed what […]

So you’ve been given a new iPad infographic

There is every chance that in your inset this year you’ll have spent some time looking at how you can develop your practice with technology. […]

Make your videos vintage with 8mm

This week saw the 8mm app go free on the app store and I shared it on Twitter. Hurry as it still may be free. […]

Making waves with Apple technologies in Hackney

It has been my distinct privilege to work over the course of the past year with the New Wave Federation in London. Already an established […]

#threequestionsEDU with Nina Jackson @musicmind

Thanks to everyone who checked out the first response to the #threequestionsEDU series from Andy Buck. I always enjoy reading the writing of others and […]

Wellbeing, workload and whizzy ways to improve both

Goodness knows mental health and wellbeing is an issue which is underfunded and under resourced so it was a real pleasure to be asked to […]

Redesigned navigation, conversations and search in Outlook for iOS and Android

New Outlook experiences make it easier for you to communicate, collaborate and manage your time while on the go. The post Redesigned navigation, conversations and […]

App Flows Aren’t Just for iPads Anymore

Graphite App Flows (Now called Lesson Flows from Common Sense Media) were something I discovered a couple of years ago. A Lesson Flow is a lesson […]

What a future, powerful, global learning platform will look & act like [Christian]

Learning from the Living [Class] Room: A vision for a global, powerful, next generation learning platform By Daniel Christian NOTE: Having recently lost my Senior […]

My respect for worksheets

Are you someone that uses worksheets in your teaching? I am, despite the fact that I’ve read different blog posts and articles from educators that […]