Github Gives New Coders a Hand With a Bot-Led Learning Lab

There’s never been a better time to learn to code. Whether you become a professional in the tech industry or keep things more on an […]

Code Burst Episode 3: Taken for Federal Granted

Since people have begun to criticize Mined Minds, the main point has been that they promise the moon and fail to deliver. Certainly that is […]

Code Burst Episode 2: From the Beginning

"I’ve loved Mined Minds since day one and it’s been three and a half years. I’ve been with them in and out, in and out. […]

Jamie’s future is looking bright after attending We Can Code IT’s software development bootcamp

Columbus Software Development Bootcamp Graduate Lands at Chase Before We Can Code IT, Jamie worked as a customer service representative. After attending We Can Code […]

Code Burst, Episode 1: The Conflicting Coverage of Mined Minds, a Free Coding Bootcamp that Retrains ex-Coal Miners

I first came across the coding bootcamp called Mined Minds in a story a colleague shared with me. The title reads “In Appalachia, Coding Bootcamps […]

Stay-at-home mom and graphic designer to UX developer

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I Am Learning to Code: Week 6, DevTools and Copyrights

One could certainly recreate the existing website simply by looking at the end product and the spec sheet. But that’s not what I did. Instead, […]

Coming Soon: Code Burst, an Investigative Report on a Free Coding Bootcamp that Seeks to Retrain Ex-Coal Miners

Code Burst, a podcast produced in collaboration with CKUT 90.3 FM and eLearning Inside News, will premier on Monday, March 5th. Over several episodes, it […]

These Are the Worst Programming Languages to Learn in 2018

Many sources spend a lot of time trying to determine which programming languages are best to learn. A recent report by Codementor, however, takes a […]

I Am Learning to Code: Week 5, Binge Learning

While the authors found that learners who binged more performed better, content binging was found to have positive secondary effects. The more a learner content […]

I Am Learning to Code: Week 4, Flexible Schedules, and Sheer Frustration with Github

After I finished, I could not for the life of me figure out how to correctly deploy it with Github Pages. I went through the […]

Kaitie Leaves the Financially Uncertain Field of Substitute Teaching to Begin her Tech Career

  Before attending We Can Code IT, Kaitie was a substitute teacher and dance instructor. Now, Kaitie works at Splash Financial as a Software Developer. […]