I Am Learning to Code: Week 4, Flexible Schedules, and Sheer Frustration with Github

After I finished, I could not for the life of me figure out how to correctly deploy it with Github Pages. I went through the […]

Kaitie Leaves the Financially Uncertain Field of Substitute Teaching to Begin her Tech Career

  Before attending We Can Code IT, Kaitie was a substitute teacher and dance instructor. Now, Kaitie works at Splash Financial as a Software Developer. […]

I Am Learning to Code: Week 2, Can You Learn on Codeacademy from Zero Previous Experience?

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I Am Learning to Code: Week 1, Why I Chose Codeacademy

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I Am Learning to Code: Week 0

“Learn to code” echoes unceasingly throughout the Internet. Industry leaders discuss the coming skills gap with the same concern that atmospheric scientists display toward climate […]

How to Prepare for Coding Boot Camp

How to Prepare for Coding Boot Camp A coding boot camp involves an intense amount of learning crammed into a short period of time. To […]

Codeacademy Report Provides A Glimpse into the Demographics of People Learning to Code

Of the respondents, a majority did not intend to use the knowledge gleaned from their programs to develop software. A full 60% will apply their […]

IT Bootcamp: What You Need to Know

IT Bootcamp: What You Need to Know An IT bootcamp is a great option for people who want to enter the lucrative world of programming […]

“Learn to Code,” Says Everyone, Everywhere

If someone could run the world with a broadband connection and a knowledge of coding from Norfork, Ark., as Gov. Hutchinson says, then they would […]

50% Off Summer Coding Series During Our 2017 Memorial Day Sale — Hurry, limited seats!

Hurry! Now through May 31, save up to $600 off our Summer Coding Series. There are limited seats, so get this offer before it’s too […]

Columbus Meetup: Learn To Code Event- JavaScript ( Perfect for Beginners)

Learn to Code! It’s free and fun to learn to code with us at our learn to code events! Join instructor Lauren Holloway, TAs, and […]

Cleveland Meetup: Learn to code – Introduction to JavaScript!

Join lead instructor Lauren Holloway, TAs, and alumni as we walk you through some basics in JavaScript, a programming language used to create interactive content […]