Seeing how it all fits together – a timeline for Art History

Last year Professor Liz James (Art History) received a Digital Practice Award. The purpose of the funding was to give staff the opportunity to develop […]

Campus Technology’s 2017 Teaching with Technology Survey [Kelly]

Smartwatches Deemed Least Valuable Technology in the Classroom — from by Rhea Kelly In our second annual Teaching with Technology Survey, faculty revealed what […]

Technology Moves to the Head of the 21st Century Classroom [MIT Technology Review]

Technology Moves to the Head of the 21st Century Classroom — from   Tomorrow’s jobs will demand collaborative workers steeped in hands-on problem solving. To […]

Why should both teachers and students focus more on #making and #play this school year.

As I start the new school year, I find myself looking back on a crazy summer that came and went very quickly.  My triplets have […]

World’s first AR messenger; the top 5 VR and AR apps for architects; Dell makes a VR Visor

Augray, An Augmented Reality Company Has Launched World’s First AR Messenger — from; with thanks to Mr. Woontack Woo for this resource Excerpt: Never […]

The campus is dead, long live the campus.

Take a moment to think about all spaces in which you learn. Whilst certainly not an exhaustive list, here are a few I could think of: […]

Purdue Opens Combo Library/Active Learning Center [Schaffhauser]

Purdue Opens Combo Library/Active Learning Center — from by Dian Schaffhauser Excerpt: Purdue University students will be attending classes starting this week in a […]

Five lessons for libraries looking to innovate in the 21st Century [Wilansky]

Five lessons for libraries looking to innovate in the 21st Century — from by Laura Sue Wilansky Excerpt: In June, Knight Foundation sent a […]

New app is helping the U of Washington community “experience” a new CS building 18 months before its doors open to students

Mortenson Creates First-of-Its-Kind Augmented Reality App for Construction Visualization — from Akin to Pokemon Go, the new mobile app is helping the University of Washington […]

Active Learning, Feedback and Learning Spaces – TEL joins in @SussexUni Away Days

Technology Enhanced Learning are always keen to be involved in school specific events and this year we have been pleased to be invited to contribute […]

An evaluation of LSE’s new informal learning spaces

In the 2016-2017 academic year, staff at LTI undertook an evaluation of the use of new LSE informal learning spaces. The findings and lessons learnt can […]

Understanding student use of informal learning spaces with cognitive and photographic mapping

In 2016, LSE unveiled six refurbished informal learning spaces in Clement House. As part of this process, we sought to uncover how spaces such as […]