4 items re: artificial intelligence/cognitive computing

Ginni Rometty on the End of Programming — from bloomberg.com by Megan Murphy The IBM chief dares to imagine what Watson will be when it […]

Seeing how it all fits together – a timeline for Art History

Last year Professor Liz James (Art History) received a Digital Practice Award. The purpose of the funding was to give staff the opportunity to develop […]

Campus Technology’s 2017 Teaching with Technology Survey [Kelly]

Smartwatches Deemed Least Valuable Technology in the Classroom — from campustechnology.com by Rhea Kelly In our second annual Teaching with Technology Survey, faculty revealed what […]

Technology Moves to the Head of the 21st Century Classroom [MIT Technology Review]

Technology Moves to the Head of the 21st Century Classroom — from technologyreview.com   Tomorrow’s jobs will demand collaborative workers steeped in hands-on problem solving. To […]

Why should both teachers and students focus more on #making and #play this school year.

As I start the new school year, I find myself looking back on a crazy summer that came and went very quickly.  My triplets have […]

World’s first AR messenger; the top 5 VR and AR apps for architects; Dell makes a VR Visor

Augray, An Augmented Reality Company Has Launched World’s First AR Messenger — from tada-time.com; with thanks to Mr. Woontack Woo for this resource Excerpt: Never […]

The campus is dead, long live the campus.

Take a moment to think about all spaces in which you learn. Whilst certainly not an exhaustive list, here are a few I could think of: […]

Purdue Opens Combo Library/Active Learning Center [Schaffhauser]

Purdue Opens Combo Library/Active Learning Center — from campustechnology.com by Dian Schaffhauser Excerpt: Purdue University students will be attending classes starting this week in a […]

Five lessons for libraries looking to innovate in the 21st Century [Wilansky]

Five lessons for libraries looking to innovate in the 21st Century — from knightfoundation.org by Laura Sue Wilansky Excerpt: In June, Knight Foundation sent a […]

New app is helping the U of Washington community “experience” a new CS building 18 months before its doors open to students

Mortenson Creates First-of-Its-Kind Augmented Reality App for Construction Visualization — from prnewswire.com Akin to Pokemon Go, the new mobile app is helping the University of Washington […]

Active Learning, Feedback and Learning Spaces – TEL joins in @SussexUni Away Days

Technology Enhanced Learning are always keen to be involved in school specific events and this year we have been pleased to be invited to contribute […]

An evaluation of LSE’s new informal learning spaces

In the 2016-2017 academic year, staff at LTI undertook an evaluation of the use of new LSE informal learning spaces. The findings and lessons learnt can […]