Web Summit 2017: A Future in Responsibility by Crystal Rose

Web Summit welcomed an audience of 81,000 attendees. The conference focused on responsibility in future technology, especially with artificial intelligence.

SkyPrep Launches BoostHQ, a New eLearning Service by News Editor

SkyPrep has just launched BoostHQ, a service that facilitates peer-to-peer social learning in organizations.

eCoach Combines LMS with Authoring Tool at Disruptive Price by News Editor

This fall eCoach merged two products—a standalone authoring tool and a learning management system—to create a single integrated eLearning platform for the creation and delivery […]

Yet Analytics Announces New Product for xAPI Data Conversion by News Editor

Yet Analytics announces a product to help the designers of learning experiences merge existing data sets with high-resolution learning activity data.

Watershed Offers Free Essentials LRS Accounts at DevLearn by News Editor

Participants at DevLearn 2017 Conference & Expo can get the most out of Essentials LRS with a complimentary learning analytics book from Watershed.

HT2 Labs Releases Open-Source Learning Locker LRS at DevLearn 2017 by News Editor

HT2 Labs is delighted to unveil the latest version of Learning Locker to be released open source, version 2, at DevLearn 2017.

Make Any HTML File cmi5-Conformant by Sarah Gilbert, Sean Putman and Art Werkenthin

In June, 2016 ADL released cmi5, allowing use of xAPI in the “LMS launches content” scenario. If your content tool does not support cmi5, can […]

Pulling Data Back from the LRS: Correlation for Analysis by Anthony Altieri

Can you retrieve data from your LRS for analysis? The answer is yes, and here’s how to do it.

Choosing a Cloud for Training: General Purpose or Specialized? by Muly Gottlieb

Cloud-based training means students can learn from anywhere with an internet connection. But what kind of cloud makes sense for your company? It depends.

Useful xAPI Queries eLearning Designers Should Know by Anthony Altieri

xAPI makes it possible to collect data on how consumers interact with your content, and then use that data to control how content is presented. […]

xAPI Can Tell You What They Learned from the Video by Anthony Altieri

To verify that learners viewed and understood a video, you must know how to construct the xAPI data and correlate video consumption and quiz performance.

SparkLearn: A Microlearning Platform that Empowers Administrators and End Users by News Editor

SparkLearn, from Float, is a new microlearning platform that integrates with popular content creation and content measurement tools. It allows for easy publishing and viewing […]