Teaching with 360 Videos

One of my blog posts was recently featured on Edutopia!  If you haven’t checked out this great education website (founded by George Lucas), then do!  […]

How can you prepare for tomorrow’s blockchain world? [Zetlin]

Blockchain predictions: What it means to you — from enterprisersproject.com by Minda Zetlin How can you prepare for tomorrow’s blockchain world? TCS blockchain expert Andreas […]

The vast majority of lessons in K-12 and lectures in higher education should be recorded. Here’s why. [Christian]

From DSC: The vast majority of the lessons being offered within K-12 and the lectures (if we’re going to continue to offer them) within higher […]

Video on Its Way to Becoming Education Norm [Schaffhauser] + Blended Learning on the Rise [Kelly]

Video on Its Way to Becoming Education Norm — from campustechnology.com by Dian Schaffhauser Excerpt: Video has become as ubiquitous in higher education classrooms as […]

What is Blended Learning? The Guide to Everything You Need to Know

You’ve likely heard of a lot of buzzing in the corporate world about Blended Learning and aren’t quite sure how or where to start with […]

7 tips for custodians of capability frameworks

Wow, my previous blog post elicited some rich comments from my peers in the L&D profession. Reframing the capability framework was my first foray into publishing […]

Stroll along the canals of Venice, stand at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, or soar through the sky faster than a speeding bullet; explore Street View imagery from 85 countries! Amazing!!!

Google AR and VR: Get a closer look with Street View in Google Earth VR Excerpt: With Google Earth VR, you can go anywhere in […]

A new report from Silicon Schools: “All that we’ve learned: 5 years working on personalized learning”

        “Personalized learning seeks to accelerate student learning by tailoring the instructional environment — what, when, how, and where students learn — […]

Global Human Capital Report 2017 [World Economic Forum]

Global Human Capital Report 2017 — from the World Economic Forum Excerpt from the Conclusion section (emphasis DSC): Technological change and its impact on labour […]

Campus Technology’s 2017 Teaching with Technology Survey [Kelly]

Smartwatches Deemed Least Valuable Technology in the Classroom — from campustechnology.com by Rhea Kelly In our second annual Teaching with Technology Survey, faculty revealed what […]

Best question I’ve heard in a while: “K-12 & higher education are considered separate systems. What if they converged?” [Young]

K-12 and higher education are considered separate systems. What if they converged? — from edsurge.com by Jeff Young Excerpt: Education in America is a tale […]

13+ Amazing (and Totally Free) Learning and Development Resources

Last week, our A+ students completed the first week of our Back to School Challenge. It’s been amazing to see the homework flood in from […]