What Do You Do With Your Evaluation data?

Donald Kirkpatrick created the four-level model for training evaluation, which most organisations claim to cherish. For those unfamiliar, the four levels are as follows. Reaction […]

The Trouble with Trends

Genius Insights Behind eLearning Trends Trends are tricky. Often, instead of being The Thing, they are signals of The Thing. This is supremely true with […]

How mobile learning is transforming the learning systems market and why [Webinar Q&A]

We recently teamed up with Fosway to present an insightful webinar on mobile learning, how organizations are pursuing mobile strategies, and why this type of […]

Why Do I Teach?

As a part of a professional development program I am currently pursuing with the University of Victoria, I was asked to reflect on my learning […]

Create a Culture of Learning with User-Created Content

Have you thought about encouraging employees to create and share their own content? User-created content is an important step towards creating a culture of learning […]

The Willingness to Learn

A person tends to learn new things during all his life. It is very important to make your brain work and you will see that […]

Eggciting ideas!

As part of my school’s STEAM week, my class have been doing some egg investigations! We explored: The structure The make-up of the shell The […]

The inaugural recipients of the 2017 Campus Technology Impact Awards

        2017 Campus Technology Impact Awards The inaugural recipients of the CT Impact Awards are using tech to improve teaching and learning, […]

Reading for delegates to the World Conference on Online Learning (10/16/17-10/19/17 in Toronto, Canada)

Reading for delegates to the World Conference on Online Learning (taking place from 10/16/17 through 10/19/17 in Toronto, Canada) Readings include: QUANTUM LEAPS YOU CAN […]

For colleges, community colleges, & universities: The new, exponential pace of change. [Christian]

From DSC: Some of the largest waves of change that are hitting the beaches of numerous societies throughout the globe are coming from technological changes […]

New thoughts on design thinking

In the early 80’s, I read an article calling for a cognitive engineering: designing systems that matched how our brains work. I was designing educational […]

Fantastic app for fine motor control and numeracy in early years

The launch of iOS 11 has brought about the advent of some great new features to your iPad. It also marked the end of 32-bit […]