Leaders in the Limelight: Franz Villa by Susan Jacobs

Learning leader Franz Villa, director of training and development at Big 5 Sporting Goods, highlights some of the key factors that have influenced his career.

The Death of Flash: Convert Old Flash eLearning to HTML5 by Diane Elkins and Tanya Seidel

In 2020, Flash-only content will no longer be usable to most learners. Use this interactive flow chart to guide conversion of Flash to HTML5.

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In the virtual classroom, there’s a difference between a busy instructor and a productive one. Here are five ways to stay on track and productive.

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Learning architects are in high demand and short supply. The good news is that instructional designers can morph their skill sets to take on the […]

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Our lives seem to be a daily battle between what we want and what we need. From cars to houses, to relationships, to food. While most people […]

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For managers and team leaders, providing feedback to employees is an important part of the leadership role – but it’s also one of the most […]

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zipBoard Digest Awesome Newsletters for Web Developers and Designers Newsletters covering HTML, CSS, UX, Design, Web Technologies and DevOps Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams A guide […]

Leaders in the Limelight: Matt Peters by Susan Jacobs

Learning leader Matt Peters, director of talent development at Visa, illuminates some of the key factors that have influenced his career.

Nuts and Bolts: Learner Beliefs About Learning by Jane Bozarth

We talk about learner “attitudes,” about learner engagement, and what motivates them to learn. But do learner beliefs about learning affect what and how they […]

Digital Learning: An Interview with David Kelly by Susan Jacobs

Digital learning reflects a fundamental change in the behavior of learners today, and has far-reaching repercussions for training departments.

Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams

A guide for better remote collaboration — with some fun GIFs source: Dilbert As a project manager coming in to manage a remote team, it can be a […]

Choosing a Cloud for Training: General Purpose or Specialized? by Muly Gottlieb

Cloud-based training means students can learn from anywhere with an internet connection. But what kind of cloud makes sense for your company? It depends.