What’s the Difference Between a Manager and a Leader?

One of the most popular questions I get all the time is, “whats the difference between a manager and a leader?”  While there are many differences […]

1st Guild Executive Forum Is a Resounding Success by Susan Jacobs

The eLearning Guild presented its first Executive Forum for 42 senior L&D leaders, who attended educational sessions and made valuable connections.

Executive Forum Video: See What You Missed by Susan Jacobs

In this Executive Forum video, see a recap from The eLearning Guild’s first Executive Forum for senior L&D leaders, which took place October 24, 2017.

In Real Life: Building Trust from Behind the Scenes by JD Dillon

How do you go about building trust in an audience that may have been disappointed by past L&D offerings? Start by getting back to the […]

Managers Can Support—Not Create—Social Learning Communities by Pamela S. Hogle

As the meaning of community changes in the digital age, managers can support emerging social learning communities in multiple ways.

Leaders in the Limelight: Jonathan Searle by Susan Jacobs

Jonathan Searle shares some thoughts on influences that have shaped his career as a learning leader at Genesys.

What Elon Musk Can Teach You About Being a Visionary Leader

The best leaders are visionaries. They see something that is possible in the distance, something others cannot see, and they communicate that vision relentlessly to […]

Nuts and Bolts: eLearning on a Shoestring by Jane Bozarth

Have you been looking for ways to produce eLearning on a shoestring budget? You might already have what you need. Here are practical ways to […]

How to Improve Team Communication by Susan Jacobs

When team communication improves, organizations will experience higher productivity and morale and better employee engagement.

Leaders in the Limelight: Leigh Shocki by Susan Jacobs

Learning leader Leigh Shocki discusses influences that have shaped her career as manager of compliance training programs for Alaska Airlines.

How to Manage Employee Absenteeism

Have you noticed an increase in employee absenteeism across your organisation? Worried about certain team members who are taking more sick days than usual? While […]

4 Timeless Things a Leader Can Do to Improve Immediately

Unfortunately, we have a lot of bad frontline leaders in our organizations and it comes at a tremendous cost. Here are 4 timeless things a leader […]