4 Strategies to Teach Effectively Using Quick Math Questions

After a teacher poses a question to the class, there’s often that silent pause as the students puzzle over the answer. How long should the […]

Language, Culture & Math

I just spent the last 3 days at a Summer Academy for Purposeful Math Planning. I was very intrigued when we were discussing number sense […]

Math & Identity

I just read this great piece by Karin Brodie: Entitled: Yes, mathematics can be decolonised. Here’s how to begin   When we think about math, […]

New Ohio Law Focuses on Computer Science, Lets Students Avoid Algebra 2

An Ohio law gives students the right to opt out of Algebra 2 -- a staple of high school math - if they take computer […]

Number Talks

Importance of Number Talks for conceptual understanding.

ISC Class 12 Math Previous Year Question Papers Download

ISC Class 12 Math Previous Years Question Papers – Here we are providing you ISC Class 12 Math Previous Years Question Papers. As ISC Class 12th Math exam is […]

ICSE Class 10 Math 10 Year Question Papers Download

ICSE Class 10 Math 10 Years Question Papers – Here we are providing you ICSE Class 10 Math 10 Years Question Papers. As ICSE Class 10th Math exam […]

Let Sphero & Google Slides Support Math

Today I’m reminiscing upon my time spent in an Elementary School Math Class, and the teaching of angles. I wonder what would happen in this […]

How do we design our Math Class?

  I have been doing a lot of reflecting about math. As a student myself, I have also been doing some research about types of […]

Simpler. Slicker. Smarter – PracTutor Just Got Better

We’re excited to introduce you to the new PracTutor, the latest evolution of your trusted Math and Language Arts companion. Yes, PracTutor just got better! Over […]

EquatIO is now free for teachers!

From the website: EquatIO is our easy-to-use software solution that enables students at all...

When Math Happens!

Many students struggle with learning Math because it can be difficult to understand for some of our students. Some students struggle to make real-world connections […]