Moodle Monday – Gradebook Calculation Formulas

Today’s Moodle Monday will be focusing on how you can create a formula in Moodle to calculate a weighted mean of grades.  As it stands, […]

SCORM or xAPI – Are you still in dilemma?

We work on either platform i.e. SCORM and Experience API (or xAPI known nowadays). We get numerous customers asking for the choice of platform suited […]

Time flies when you’re Moodling!

You know the saying that time flies when you are having fun? Well we think time also flies when you are Moodling and as we […]

#375 Tracking student Activity with Moodle Participation report

Sometimes you might want to know the engagement from students about resources and activities within Moodle. This video shows how to do that using the […]

Student Presentation Feedback

I was asked by a teacher if Moodle would allow students to grade other students presentations. That is, the teacher has assigned students to give […]

Moodle Monday: Groups

Moodle allows you to create groups within the enrolled cohort of students. This has a number of advantages when using Moodle. For example: You may […]

Moodle Lesson Plans

I’ve been meaning to develop and post some Moodle Lesson Plans for a while now. I’ve decided that it is time to stop meaning and […]

Do you want to easily create large number of questions in your Moodle course? Gift Format #MoodleTips

Are you looking for an easy method to create large number of questions in your Moodle course? Creating large number of questions for your Moodle […]

Free eBook: Choosing The Right Plugins For Moodle And Totara

With more than 950 plugins to choose from, which ones will you need? If you are a Moodle or Totara user perhaps you have often […]

How Do/Will You Use Moodle Or Totara In Your Organization?

Corporate learners can either work through courses on their own or schedule in-person sessions through instructor-led training. In this article, we will explore how to […]

Moodle or Totara - Choose the LMS Best For You.

Moodle LMS is the world’s most popular learning management system, with over 85 million users across the globe. Totara LMS was built off of Moodle’s […]

Embed #H5P in Moodle

The recent release of the H5P plugin for Moodle ( now allows for the embedding of H5P into HTML within an iFrame. Many people in […]