How Corporate Identity Influences Employee Motivation

Building a strong corporate identity is one of the key ingredients for success. It operates both on the internal and the external level, meaning that […]

Learning Strategy: Are You Struggling to Get Leadership Support?

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5 Quick Tips to Stay Motivated During Exams | Explore Success Mantras

    Preparing for an exam is always a stress full time for the aspirants. Exam increases rational exhaustion and nervousness in candidates. However, that […]

Student Isolation: When Your Students Are Scattered Across the Globe

Our students face a similar struggle for motivation due to being isolated from their classmates and us. They join our program because of its flexibility. […]

Faculty Isolation: I Love the Flexibility, but I’m Losing My Motivation!

Chances are, like me, you sought employment as a faculty member in the Indiana Wesleyan University adult program for flexibility. You wanted a teaching role […]

Reflections on “Keeping Joy in the Classroom” [Koplik]

Keeping Joy in the Classroom — from by Lisa Koplik How do we keep joy in our classrooms — for both students and teachers? […]

Comment nos émotions affectent-elles notre compréhension?

Dans les derniers articles nous avions montré que l’apprentissage était essentiellement de l’expérience. La compréhension liée à l’apprentissage n’est pas le fruit de la réflexion intellectuelle mais elle est issue […]

Discovering Instructional Design 4: The Affective Domain

When defining the end-goal of instruction as part of goal analysis, it's helpful to explore the relevance of the often-overlooked Affective Domain. Continue Reading → […]

Tips To Become an Autodidact, Self-Directed Learner

.   . Tips To Become an Autodidact, Self-Directed Learner As most of you know already, I am an autodidact, a person who is learning […]

As Pedagogy Changes, Learning Spaces Are Transforming Too [Pierce]

As Pedagogy Changes, Learning Spaces Are Transforming Too — from by Dennis Pierce The American architect Louis Sullivan coined the phrase “form follows function,” […]

Keeping Employees Motivated at the End of the Year

Are you counting down the days until your annual leave? It’s most likely that your employees and colleagues are feeling the same way, now that […]

Xmas and Holiday Gifts Which Make Sense For LEARNing

. . WHAT gifts to buy for the kids for Xmas and Holidays? Every year the same question, isn’t it!? WHY not thinking about to […]