An introduction to Developmental Artificial intelligence

In today’s era, self-driving vehicles, robotics and automated home theatres are no longer a magic. This has been the result of innovation and development in […]

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5 Most Effective eLearning Localization Strategies

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Collaboration between Millionlights and YuppTV

Millionlights, a leading education content provider has come into alliance with Yupp TV which is an OTT provider to foster  Open Source education. We are […]

3 reasons payment plans aren’t good for creators

Creators often ask us, “does Coach support payment plans for online courses?” The answer is: we don’t. Not for now at least, and it’s been […]

5 Online Courses to Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

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Teaching Grammar Communicatively MOOC, Sept. 25, 2017

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Learning How To Learn: Anatomy Of A Good MOOC

Barbara Oakley's "Learning how to Learn" MOOC has had over 2 million learners and a retention rate 5 times what other MOOCs typically have. This […]

Industries that offer jobs in business analysis

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When you spend $25k, this is what your online course looks like

This is a guest article from our friend, Grant Weherley of Monetize My Expertise, an online course production company that builds video courses for companies, […]