Performance Support Basics: How to Help at the Moment of Need

We met a fictitious target learner in a previous post. Her name is Kate. She’s a new sales rep just starting out in her territory. […]

Advanced Mobility: Supporting Knowledge Sharing

One of the world’s largest technology solutions providers (offering enterprise software and hardware solutions) had come to us with an interesting training requirement. The organisation […]

Versatile Microlessons Are Powerful Performance Boosters by Pamela S. Hogle

Microlessons can take any format and serve as learning reinforcement, problem solvers, and more.

Mobile Reinforcement Crushes the Forgetting Curve by Pamela S. Hogle

Mobile reinforcement can make learning stick and boost the effectiveness of training. DemoFest award-winner SwissVBS shows how to defeat the forgetting curve.

A Maturity Model Approach to Measuring Corporate Learning by Oliver Kern

SkillCamp, a global learning framework for marketing and sales at Bayer’s Crop Science Division, has established a stable approach for learning metrics.

Who Owns the “Other 95%”?

The power we give up by taking an order for training only perpetuates the paradigm…the myth…in the minds of our stakeholders that training drives performance. […]

What About the Other 95%?

As we speak there is a new technology rage about to enter the stage, Learning Experience Systems (LES). This new technology entrant is a good […]

Using Mobility for ‘Live’ Performance Support

We came across an interesting cluster of tasks at the workplace. All the tasks in this cluster can benefit can from ‘live’ performance support. Let’s […]

Why You Need To Leverage Mobile For Performance Support

Have you ever struggled with performing a task previously covered in long training sessions? You’re not alone – we have all been there! We forget […]

Why Your Training Is Failing... And How To Fix It

by Shane Lueck It seems outlandish to consider that the amount spent by companies on training has risen steadily over the past decade, culminating in […]

Integrate Your Training with Your Performance Support System

When we talk of training, we’re usually describing an environment with one person or a group being taught by an experienced staff member or a […]

Ten Tips You Need to Know for your Next Performance Support Video

Performance support videos are everywhere. From YouTube to the workplace, you can learn pretty much anything by watching a step-by-step video one step at a […]