The 3-Step Agile Performance Management Process You Need

An agile performance management process relies on setting achievable and flexible goals for employees; frequent feedback, and coaching by supervisors. This post was first published […]

In Real Life: Building Trust from Behind the Scenes by JD Dillon

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Managers Can Support—Not Create—Social Learning Communities by Pamela S. Hogle

As the meaning of community changes in the digital age, managers can support emerging social learning communities in multiple ways.

A Case Study on Microlearning as Performance Support to Reinforce Existing Training

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Don’t behave like a tool – start using one

40% of your staff could be thinking of leaving… If they’re not getting the right training, that is. If you’re not developing your team properly, […]

4 Reasons why Performance Support and mLearning are a great duo

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Point-of-Work & ADDIE? Say It Ain’t So…

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Like The Oompa Loompa Do? Mobile Job Aids For Performance Support

Mobile job aids provide simplified information, and illustrated instructions of steps or procedures needed to perform tasks, all at a learner’s fingertips. They can also […]

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Harness Familiar Tools, Techniques to Personalize Learning by Pamela S. Hogle

Tools like chatbots, video assessments, and even user-centered design can help L&D create personalized learning.

xAPI for Interactive eBooks by Sarah Gilbert

Interactive eBooks have long been around, but we only recently gained the ability to track usage with xAPI and cmi5. It’s simple to add this […]

The Importance Of A Framework In Designing Performance Support Tools

What is a Performance Support Tool, and how do we go about designing one? Is there a framework that can help in identifying and designing […]