6 items re: AR & VR

Samsung to develop VR mental health diagnosis tools for hospitals — from by Cho Mu-Hyun Samsung Electronics will work with Gangnam Severance Hospital and content […]

Who Are the Gifted?

A couple of notes before we begin that deserve their own posts, but I'll never get ANYTHING written if I don't just jump ahead and […]

ATD – The Seven Principles of Learning Reinforcement

We’re a little slower off the mark with this blog (you can blame the subsequent trip to New York for that – next blog imminent!), […]

I am “The Invisible Girl” – My book and why I wrote it

In February this year, 2017, I sat down with a purpose and within sixteen days I had written my book in it’s entirety. It flooded […]

ATD Day 2 – Europe, Unicorns, and the Great Millennials Debate

Day two at the Georgia World Congress Centre and we’re back bright and early – despite the rain – for another day of exhibiting. Having […]

Ed Dept. Names Finalists for Virtual & Augmented Reality Competition [Ravipati]

Ed Dept. Names Finalists for Virtual and Augmented Reality Competition — from campustechnology.com by Sri Ravipati Excerpt: The finalists are: Case Western Reserve University, which […]

Why managers should take responsibility when it comes to firing

Getting fired is undoubtedly one of the most unenjoyable experiences we face in our professional lives.  The way we are let go tends to vary […]

15 items re: AR, VR, and MR

    Adobe unveils new Microsoft HoloLens and Amazon Alexa integrations — from geekwire.com by Nat Levy         Introducing the AR Landscape […]

Can Virtual Reality “teach” empathy? [Berdik]

Can Virtual Reality “teach” empathy? — from hechingerreport.org by Chris Berdik Immersive VR in the classroom is spreading fast, as teachers take students into other […]

VR First: Democratizing VR/AR Innovation

  Some excerpts of this infographic:      

Excerpts from “A world without work” [Thompson; The Atlantic]

  A world without work — by Derek Thompson; The Atlantic — from July 2015 Excerpts: Youngstown, U.S.A. The end of work is still just […]

Research reveals how reframing can work on others too

When things don’t go quite the way you plan at work, it can undoubtedly be a frustrating time, with this frustration increasingly so if your […]