Super-Easy Dynamic Successive ‘Quiz Failure Attempts’

Preamble This blog is in response to a few comments and questions I’ve seen about successive failure attempts such as “if a learner gets a […]

4 Core Benefits of eLearning Quizzes

As an essential part of eLearning courses, quizzes do good to both educators and learners. How so? Keep reading to learn four core benefits of […]

Custom Review

Goal This question recently appeared on the forum (thread): "I'd like to customize the results page at the end of a quiz to display the […]

Extended enterprise training: Wyz Tyre has chosen Dokeos

To improve its clients’ performance in selling tyre products, Wyz Tyre has developed an extended entreprise training based on eLearning. Wyz Tyre, the online tyre […]

Motivate students in your Moodle course using eTask course format #MoodlePlugins

In Moodle terminology, a course format refers to the layout of a course elements. By default, Moodle comes with four different course formats. However, as […]

Cell Cycle and Cell Division MCQ and Study Notes For NEET

Cell Cycle & Cell Division for NEET Biology- Important Cell cycle and cell division MCQs & Study Notes for NEET Preparation. Learn Cell Cycle and Cell […]

Magnetic Effect of Electric Current: NEET Physics MCQs & Study Notes

Magnetic Effect of Electric Current for NEET Physics- Important Magnetic Effect of Electric Current MCQs & Study Notes for NEET Preparation. Learn Magnetic Effect of Electric […]

Chemistry in Everyday Life Questions: NEET Chemistry MCQs & Study Notes

Chemistry in Everyday Life Questions for NEET Chemistry- Important Chemistry Everyday Life MCQs & Study Notes for NEET Preparation. Learn Chemistry in Everyday Life objective MCQs, […]

Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure – NEET Chemistry, Revision, Video Lessons & Quiz

Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure – Vagupu has come out with the quiz method in order to help you test your preparation level and also it helps […]

UC Irvine

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Electrostatics IIT JEE & NEET Important Questions / Concepts, Quiz, Preparation Tips

Electrostatics Important Questions. Vagupu is helping JEE Main, NEET and CBSE Class 12 Physics students, by providing previous year Physics exam questions of Electrostatics. These questions will […]