Incorporating Infographics in eLearning

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New Book on Presenter 11

Big congrats to Kevin Siegel and Jennie Ruby, for the recent publication of his their new book on Presenter 11.  If Kevin’s name sounds familiar, […]

Leverage the Features of Microlearning to Benefit Corporate Training [Infographic]

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Tips for Effective Rapid eLearning

Rapid eLearning is a term that gets used two different ways. Some people use it to refer to eLearning content that can be consumed quickly […]

#SmarteLearning with the 2017 Release of Adobe Captivate

In a world of smart-everything, from cities to televisions, why should eLearning be left out? With an innovative approach to authoring, content, and total cost […]

How to Make Rapid eLearning Development Successful?

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6 Qualities Every Good E-learning Translation Vendor Should Possess [Infographic]

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Adobe Captivate 2017 Review: What is Improved?

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6 Key Traits that Distinguish Modern LMSs from Traditional LMSs [Infographic]

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6 Benefits Of Using Rapid Authoring Tools For Your Organization

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Formats to Effectively Convey Microlearning [Infographic]

Microlearning is not just videos. It is available in interesting formats. Check our infographic for some formats to effectively convey microlearning.