Personalized Learning a Big Challenge in High School Redesign, RAND Finds

A new RAND evaluation of Opportunity by Design high schools found barriers to customizing instruction and implementing "mastery-based" progressions.

4 Surprising Ways Video Is Changing Education

In today’s world, the influence of video is unparalleled. People around the world spend billions every year on the movie industry. YouTube alone streams over […]

The link between basic research and innovation

When it comes to funding and resourcing innovation, it is crucial to identify the importance of various phases of innovation.  For instance, pure research can […]

Stop Planning, Start Doing: Why Researching Your Course Content is Holding You Back

Great courses have been well researched and are brimming with useful, implementable and factually correct information.  So of course a bit of research is going […]

#phd shelfie-blog challenge

The image is a bit of a spoiler! #PhDShelfie has appeared on Twitter. Followed by shelfie-blog and an invitation from Julie Blake @felthamgirl to join in. I’m easily […]

DC: Look at how many times these CIO’s mention that they’re tapping into streams of content

From DSC: When you read the article below, notice how many times these CIO’s mention that they’re tapping into streams of content     How […]

Three reasons ed researchers should create digitally

I have a large digital footprint with hundreds of blog posts and video series with over 100,000 views. In addition I put everything I publish […]

Ranking the best research institutes

Earlier this year Reuters released the latest version of their league table to rank the most innovative universities and research institutions in the world.  The […]

Artificial intelligence will transform universities. Here’s how. [Dodgson & Gann]

Artificial intelligence will transform universities. Here’s how. — from by Mark Dodgson & David Gann Excerpt: The most innovative AI breakthroughs, and the companies […]

Taking Academic Research To Market

Getting research produced by universities translated into new products and services has been an ongoing challenge for academia, industry and indeed government for some time […]

The 2017 EdNext Poll on School Reform: Digital Learning

I have been critical of the treatment of technology in both the 2015 and 2016 Education Next back-to-school polls for a variety of reasons. Credit […]

The Gamification of Addiction Management, Continued

 Metacognition and Goal Design This post is a continuation from Tuesday’s post on the gamification of addiction management. The framework above depicts the idea of […]