Friday Finds | October 20, 2017

Data Viz Project What do you do when you’ve got a big pile of data and need a way to display it? If you didn’t […]

“Technology from ‘Harry Potter’ Movies Brings Magic of Brain into Focus” + 2 items on VR

Technology from “Harry Potter” Movies Brings Magic of Brain into Focus — from by Bahar Gholipour Software lets scientists explore the brain in 3-D […]

The Ivory Tower Can’t Keep Ignoring Tech [O’Neil]

The Ivory Tower Can’t Keep Ignoring Tech — from by Cathy O’Neil Excerpt: We need academia to step up to fill in the gaps […]

Keith's Quick Quotes: Helpful Tools for Harvesting Research [VIDEO]

The research process for any essay is often wide-ranging, with many a rabbit trail to follow.  For students and faculty, having helpful tools while conducting […]

WE ARE NOT READY FOR THIS! Per Forrester Research: In US, a net loss of 7% of jobs to automation — *in 2018*!

Forrester predicts that AI-enabled automation will eliminate 9% of US jobs in 2018 — from by Gil Press Excerpt (emphasis DSC): A new Forrester […]

David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 11/6/17

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following: The importance of play for adults the future of presentations the power of VR for disabled […]

A Guide for Women in STEM [ & Ambler & Ford]

Chris Lenihan from emailed me to let me know about a recently published guide on their site that’s entitled, “A Guide for Women in […]

eLearning Dropout Rates and what to do About Them

It seems like everyone’s taking an e-course these days. But according to recent studies, only a tiny fraction of them are actually finishing their courses. […]

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018 [Gartner]

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018 — from Gartner Research Summary The intelligent digital mesh is a foundation for future digital business and its […]

7 things you should know about ALCs as well as AR/VR/MR [EDUCAUSE]

7 Things You Should Know About Research on Active Learning Classrooms — from Excerpt: Research into active learning classrooms (ALCs)—spaces explicitly designed to support and […]

Dispelling educational myths

Dispelling educational myths: I am not sure if I am a John Hattie fan. His early famous work was...

Five tips for writing your Methodology section

Think about your Methodology carefully. Most academics have their own approaches to examining PhDs, some will start from the conclusion and work their way back, […]