WE ARE NOT READY FOR THIS! Per Forrester Research: In US, a net loss of 7% of jobs to automation — *in 2018*!

Forrester predicts that AI-enabled automation will eliminate 9% of US jobs in 2018 — from forbes.com by Gil Press Excerpt (emphasis DSC): A new Forrester […]

Science Festival 2017 in Luxembourg (Europe)

. . Science Festival 2017 in Luxembourg (Europe) . . It is the first time that I visited the “Science Festival” in Luxembourg-City, although it […]

DC: It’s the combination of 2+ emerging techs that will likely bring major innovation our way. 8 items on VR, AR, and MR.

Will blockchain help make Virtual Reality more social? — from thenextweb.com by Alice Bonasio Excerpt: Emerging social VR platforms are experimenting with new ways of […]

10 really hard decisions coming our way [Vander Ark]

10 really hard decisions coming our way — from gettingsmart.com by Tom Vander Ark Excerpt (emphasis DSC): Things are about to get interesting. You’ve likely […]

For those seeking to be better communicators/leaders/servants, you need to check out “Communicate Like a True Leader”

From DSC: I know Quentin Schultze from our years working together at Calvin College, in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA). I have come to greatly appreciate […]

For colleges, community colleges, & universities: The new, exponential pace of change. [Christian]

From DSC: Some of the largest waves of change that are hitting the beaches of numerous societies throughout the globe are coming from technological changes […]

@MeetEdison Robot Brings Joyful Discovery-Based Learning to Any Classroom

Edison robot is a great first robot for your school, and is the perfect way to make your existing LEGO hardware more accessible for teaching […]

5 Must-have Items for your Back to School Makerspace by @Eduporium

So, you’ve gotten past the first week or so and now you’re ready to lead some serious learning. If you haven’t set up a makerspace […]

Global Human Capital Report 2017 [World Economic Forum]

Global Human Capital Report 2017 — from the World Economic Forum Excerpt from the Conclusion section (emphasis DSC): Technological change and its impact on labour […]

Is Your School Interested in Robotics? Check out our full review of GoPiGo from @dexterind

The GoPiGo is the simple Raspberry pi-based starter robot you have been looking for. The post Is Your School Interested in Robotics? Check out our […]

New 4D camera could supercharge autonomous vehicles

Technologies such as autonomous vehicles rely heavily on the imaging technology they have to capture their surroundings.  A recent paper from engineers at Stanford and […]

The Next Generation of Automated Warehouses

Automation has impacted a wide range of areas, but perhaps nowhere more so than in retailing, where machines have been increasingly deployed in areas such […]