5 Must-have Items for your Back to School Makerspace by @Eduporium

So, you’ve gotten past the first week or so and now you’re ready to lead some serious learning. If you haven’t set up a makerspace […]

Global Human Capital Report 2017 [World Economic Forum]

Global Human Capital Report 2017 — from the World Economic Forum Excerpt from the Conclusion section (emphasis DSC): Technological change and its impact on labour […]

Is Your School Interested in Robotics? Check out our full review of GoPiGo from @dexterind

The GoPiGo is the simple Raspberry pi-based starter robot you have been looking for. The post Is Your School Interested in Robotics? Check out our […]

New 4D camera could supercharge autonomous vehicles

Technologies such as autonomous vehicles rely heavily on the imaging technology they have to capture their surroundings.  A recent paper from engineers at Stanford and […]

The Next Generation of Automated Warehouses

Automation has impacted a wide range of areas, but perhaps nowhere more so than in retailing, where machines have been increasingly deployed in areas such […]

How Do Humans Respond To Perfect Robots?

A few years ago I wrote about a study looking at the relationship between humans and robots.  The researchers suggested that we are much more […]

The Next Wave Of Autonomous Surveillance

I’ve written a few times about the use of drones in the provision of security.  For instance, a startup called Aptonomy provides a drone that is […]

Microbit: the Little Board that Could

At long last, the Microbit is available in the US. This is an amazing platform for programming and you can do so MANY THINGS with […]

Reflections on “In an AI-powered world, what are potential jobs of the future?”

In an AI-powered world, what are potential jobs of the future? — from readwrite.com Excerpt: With virtual assistants answering our emails and robots replacing humans […]

The robot that can check for leaky pipes

I’ve written a number of times previously about the drive towards smarter cities, with the Internet of Things used to monitor key infrastructure and even […]

Making Robotics Accessible to all Students with the Edison Robot from @MeetEdison

On todays episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we welcome Kat Kennewell and Phil Grigonis on the program to showcase the amazing Edison Robot from Microbric. […]

STEM Education: Can We Really Bring Robotics into the General Education Classroom?

Should you consider bringing robotics into your general education classroom? In this episode, we discuss this very topic with Microbric and Sphero. The post STEM […]