4 Ways To Increase Practical Participation in Online Learning

The Need for Involved Learning There is no learning quite like getting your hands stuck in and learning your profession by ‘just doing it’. Allowing […]

Screencast Throwback: Creating Custom Questions Using Convert to Freeform: Pick Many

This screencast illustrates how I create custom questions using convert to freeform. In this video, I’ll be demonstrating how I create a custom pick many […]

Screencast: Using Articulate Storyline on a Mac

I get SO MANY questions about how I use Articulate products on my Mac, so this week is dedicated to explaining the ins and outs […]

Screencast: Quick Graphic Setting Tips When Using Articulate Storyline on a Mac

When I first started using Articulate Storyline on my MacBook Pro, I thought I was insane. Slide objects were often pixelated or distorted, and alignment […]

Screencast: Installing Fonts for Articulate Storyline on a Mac

When I first started using Storyline on my Mac, it was also very tedious to install fonts. I thought I was installing the fonts, but […]

Screencast: Troubleshooting Articulate Storyline on Mac via Parallels Desktop

There are several troubleshooting techniques when it comes to running Articulate Storyline on Mac via Parallels Desktop, namely disabling shared profiles and working within Windows […]

Screencast: Real-Time Customization of Built-In Multiple Choice Question Slide in Articulate Storyline

In this screencast, I wanted to show just how quickly you can customize a built-in question slide in Articulate Storyline. For this demo, I’m showing […]

Screencast: Creating Custom Feedback Layers (NOT With Feedback Master) in Articulate Storyline

Continuing on with our custom multiple choice question, I thought I’d show you how to create custom feedback layers. These custom feedback layers do not use […]

Screencast: Custom Submit Button for Built-In Question Slides in Articulate Storyline

The built-in question slides in Articulate Storyline are a HUGE timesaver, but customizing them always creates value add for your clients. In this screencast, I’m […]

Screencast: Send to Front/Send to Back Functionality in Articulate Storyline

Today’s screencast is another time-saving tip! This one discusses using the Send Front and Send Back functionality in Articulate Storyline. This function allows you to […]

Screencast: Creating Custom Icons in Articulate Storyline with The Noun Project

I LOVE Articulate Storyline, I LOVE The Noun Project, and I LOVE creating easy value-add components for my client projects. Custom icons are something you […]

Screencast Throwback: Gate Screen from Start to Finish in Articulate Storyline 2

In this screencast, I recreate a gate screen that I had previously created for an E-Learning Heroes Challenge, and I did it from scratch, so […]