What is Sigma in Six Sigma, and What Does It Mean for You?

What is Sigma in Six Sigma? 6σ Sigma is a statistical term that measures the standard deviation of a process. (σ) In Lean Six Sigma, […]

What are P-Values and How to Use Them in Six Sigma

P-values are a statistical measure that tells you whether the results of your experiment are significant enough to reject the null hypothesis. The null hypothesis […]

6 Sigma Control Charts

Statistical Process Control Charts   Control Charts are a key tool used in the Six Sigma methodology. They help you measure and track process performance, […]

A Beginner’s Guide to the Mood’s Median Test in Lean Six Sigma

The Mood’s Median test is a hypothesis test used to determine if there is a significant difference between two or more independent groups.  This test […]

How to Find Out the Minimum Sample Size for Lean Six Sigma

A lean six sigma initiative is only as good as the data that supports it. A minimum sample size of 30 to 50 is required […]

Multiple Regression: A Short Introduction from Leanscape

Multiple regression is a statistical technique that is used to predict the dependent variable based on one or more independent variables. In other words, it […]

How to Use Multi-Vari Charts for Better Decision Making

Have you ever found yourself struggling to choose between multiple options, whether it be what product to buy, which service to use, or even what […]

How Negative Brainstorming Can Help You Generate New Ideas

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What is a Matrix Plot? An Introduction from Leanscape

A matrix plot is a type of chart that allows you to visualize data in a matrix format. Typically, a matrix plot will have numerical […]

Measles Charts: How They’re Used and What They Mean

Measles charts are a practical tool for collecting data that helps when analysing the location of failures in a product or process. By plotting the […]

An Introduction to Measure System Analysis

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Examples of Histograms and How to Create One

A histogram is a graphical representation of data that shows how often each value occurs. It is used to summarize numerical data, which can be […]

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