What Is Spaced Repetition for Staff Learning?

The term spaced repetition is popping up frequently in workplace learning these days. So what is spaced repetition in the context of staff learning? Spaced […]

5 Reasons Staff Learning is Improved by Spaced Repetition

Revising over the same crammed information for hours isn’t anyone’s cup of tea. Say what you will, but we’re all thinking it. This is when […]

Don’t Forget About It: How Spaced Repetition And Microlearning Boost Memory

When it comes to new information, our brains have a strict ‘use it or lose it’ policy. And too often, training content is forgotten within […]

4 Ways to Teach Staff with Spaced Repetition

Spaced repetition is an effective teaching method that uses increasing time intervals between the reviews of previously learned information to exploit the spacing effect. Spaced […]

How to boost rote memorization with spaced repetition

Rote memorization is one of the oldest and most effective learning methodologies of all. However, it’s also one of the least appealing and is regularly […]

What is distributed practice and why you must use it

Distributed practice (aka spaced practice) is an incredibly powerful learning technique. With the advent of smartphone ubiquity, it’s ballooning in popularity in both the educational […]

Spaced repetition for product knowledge

Product knowledge is the cornerstone of any good sales team. Understanding the products that you are selling is really the 101 requirement for onboarding new […]

10 tips to boost internal training

Few people get excited about internal training days. Those that do often look forward to them in order to get away from work more than […]

How spaced repetition works

Spaced repetition or distributed practice, as some people call it, is a learning approach which has been used for many years. The invention of mobile technology […]

How to create spaced repetition

Creating a study plan for spaced repetition learning can help you better remember what you have studied previously. This plan actually allows you to build […]

Is spaced repetition effective?

Knowledge retention is obviously one of the biggest challenges all learners face when trying to study new things. Learners may be in a position to […]

Spaced repetition and the forgetting curve

Do spaced repetition and the forgetting curve relate in any way? In 1885, a German Psychologist by the name Dr. Hermann Ebbinghaus carried out a […]

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