“Learning is leaving the (school) building” — and other items from Will Richardson & Bruce Dixon

From DSC: I appreciated hearing the perspectives from Bruce Dixon and Will Richardson this morning, as I listed to a webinar that they recently offered. […]

The Magic of the Hero’s Journey in Learning Engagement

by Shane Lueck Training needs to be engaging. What else is new? At this point, that concept is exhausted. It’s been the topic du jour […]

The Secret to Adding Context to Training Content

BYTE Session Recap As we all know, blended learning is all the rage these days! We know that selecting authentic design treatments for each defined learning […]

Learning through stories at the workplace

Humans have been storytellers since the beginning of time. Old Native people who preferred the oral tradition as a means to pass on knowledge to […]

Stories = Engagement = Learning

Storytelling has a long history as one of most fundamental communication methods. From paintings on cave walls to Egyptian hieroglyphs, to the first words ever […]

An Interview with Dave Cowling at Within: From Games to Compelling Stories in VR

Digital Bodies: We were excited to hear that the groundbreaking VR tech and entertainment company Within hired noted game developer, Dave Cowling, as their new VP of […]

The Science of FUN for L&D

by Jonathan Peters, PhD - Chief Motivation Officer, Sententia Gamification https://www.vecteezy.com/members/twilightmoon I overhead this question during the July 4th holiday, and I've been thinking about it, […]

3 articles that show that experimentation is needed — & is just getting started — with virtual reality

Campus Technology 2017: Virtual Reality Is More Than a New Medium — from edtechmagazine.com by Amy Burroughs Experts weigh in on the future of VR in […]

Seven Ways to Add Stories to Your eLearning Courses

We all know that stories are a great way to engage an audience, yet it seems so few people actually study and use the tool […]

Virtual Reality Master Class at the NMC 2017 Conference

Digital Bodies: At the NMC 2017 conference we led multiple sessions on Virtual Reality in education. We began the week with a pre-conference workshop, Virtual […]

Storytelling for Teacher Training from Finland

Stories. The weave that binds communities together - communities which may be structured learning communities or others.  Stories. The tracing of a flow of identity […]

Welcome microlearning’s little brother… microreading!

We all know our reading habits have changed drastically in the past decade, particularly for the younger generation. This change is mainly due to the […]