How Child Pornography Gets on School-Issued Technology

Many schools and districts are unaware, but there’s a very possible scenario by which child pornography can get on school-provided technology. This predicament can represent […]

Student Safety and SEL

Access to Chromebooks has increased 52% for students in grades 6-8 and 100% in high schools nationwide over the past two years, according to Project […]

There’s More Than Homework in Students’ Drive Accounts

Through a partnership earlier this year with Project Tomorrow and the impressive national research project, Speak Up, we’ve found that student use of school-provided technology […]

Aligning Student Safety to Your Risk Management Initiatives

Risk is everywhere in our lives. For K-12 schools, risk management solutions include worker’s compensation and personal liability, background checks for criminal records and proper […]

From Slut Pages to Sexting Scandals: The Impact of Online Shame In Schools

From small towns like Canon City, Colorado, to Winnetka, Illinois, countless schools have been reeling from the fallout of slut pages and sexting scandals that […]

How Parents Can Help Keep Their Children Safe Online

From the Project Tomorrow Speak Up survey, we learned that 51% of parents of middle school students are worried about their children’s safety online, including […]

Is Your LMS Safe for Students to Use?

If you have a place in K-12 education, you’ve likely heard of the Canvas LMS (Learning Management System). Canvas makes teaching and learning (and implementation and […]

Surge in Chromebook Adoption Leads to Increasing Need to Keep Students Safe    

School leaders have an ironclad legal requirement to ensure student safety and privacy when using online tools for learning known as CIPA, the Children’s Internet […]

Infographic: Real Student Safety Saves Lives

This infographic can be shared on your website or printed to display in your school, library or classroom. Request a high-resolution version suitable for printing […]

WTF? What Kids are Saying in Text Messages

BRB, LOL, LMAO, SMH, TTYL, WTF. Most of us are aware of SMS language found in text messages, also known as textese, texting language and […]

Make Student Safety a Priority this School Year

As the 2017-18 school year gets underway, it’s never too late to evaluate what you’re doing to keep students safe when they use school-provided tools […]

Why Does Safety Continue to be an Afterthought in EdTech?

Given the amount of funding and resources poured into edtech, why does safety continue to be an afterthought? Especially with regard to online learning tools, […]