The 10 Best bits of Revision Advice For Students

Whether its revising for GCSE’s, A-Levels, Degree, Masters, PHD, or even professional exams the vast majority of us will at some end up dedicating a […]

Here are Our New Sakai Models

Last month we announced a call for Sakai Models. We received so many great photos and were excited to see students’ enthusiasm and creativity. Thank […]

My Experience From Running a Large-Scale Training Operation in the Middle East

More than a decade ago, I started my first job as an Operations Coordinator in a training company. Since then, the challenges and exposure I […]

What is it like to go to a virtual high school?

You don’t necessarily grow up faster in a virtual high school, but for some students it is a structure that develops confidence, assertiveness, and other […]

Call for Sakai Models!

This could be you… Do you aspire to be a “Sakai model” during your time here at Carolina (check out this fun DTH article!)? We […]

Will social media replace face-to-face interaction in higher education?

This blog post is one of a series for the student engagement project LSE2020. It is written by Emma Wilson, Graduate Intern for LTI. You can […]

How to allow students to choose a group themselves in Moodle Course? #MoodleTips

Have you ever thought of giving freedom of choosing the groups on their own to students in your Moodle course? This freedom can help in […]

Starting to get results – Building the picture

Take a step backwards. Perhaps the most confusing part of any research project is when some results start to emerge – but this is also […]

Virtual Lab Course Request Form

UNC students, faculty, and staff — did you know you have access to free software that’s available 24/7? Check out the Virtual Lab to find […]

20-Minute Mentor Commons: How Do I Promote Civil and Thoughtful Engagement in the Classroom? [VIDEO]

Acquire 15 proven, practical, and action-oriented tips for engaging students and establishing exciting, positive learning environments. This month's featured video from the 20-Minute Mentor Commons, […]

"Using technology in your classroom does not make you innovative; what your students do, create, and..."

“Using technology in your classroom does not make you innovative; what your students do,...

Rise of the Adjuncts: Are Part-Time Teachers Hijacking Higher Ed?

When people talk about college adjuncts, there are generally two places that discussion can go: Adjuncts have become the most crucial yet under-supported factor of […]