DC: Why aren’t we further along with “lecture recording” within K-12?

From DSC: Why aren’t we further along with lecture recording within K-12 classrooms? That is, I as a parent — or much better yet, our […]

Raising world class content creators by teaching these 4 skills

Ernest Hemingway once said, Prose is architecture, not interior decoration. Content creation or writing is one of the most useful skills any student can learn. […]

Book Creator – A Brilliant Tech Tool To Use In The Classroom

Book Creator was launched in 2011.  Now, 7 years later, a staggering 1 million books are made per month! A friend introduced it to me […]

Why Students Forget—and What You Can Do About It [Terada]

Why Students Forget—and What You Can Do About It — from edutopia.org by Youki Terada Our brains are wired to forget, but there are research-backed […]

“Personalized Learning Meets AI With Watson Classroom” + 5 other AI related postings

Personalized Learning Meets AI With Watson Classroom — from gettingsmart.com by Erin Gohl Excerpt (emphasis DSC): Teaching is truly a Herculean challenge. Even the very […]

New Generation Learning: Personalization

The second in our New Generation Learning series focuses on personalization. Where last time we drew attention to schools that had made innovative leaps in […]

Educational technology survey 2018

Please spare a moment to complete my ‘Educational technology survey 2018’ – it will only take a few minutes (I promise!) Click here to participate!

5 Common Mistakes Most Schools Make: Admin Problems

These 5 common mistakes most schools make happen in even the best of the best schools.  Often times, you may think you are doing everything […]

Next Generation Learning: Assessments

“Next generation” learning is receiving some buzz in edtech circles, and so I thought we could delve into it a little more, not least because […]

4 Tips on Becoming a Memorable Teacher

We all have a favorite teacher that we'll never forget; the teacher that made us fall in love with our favorite subject, instilled in us […]

14 Quick ways to tech-up your classroom

We are fond of a quite in-depth approach on this blog, and try and drill down to the bare bones of a debate or subject, […]

5 Qualities of a Good School Principal

Do you know what makes a good school principal? You probably know that its not the easiest job, neither is it a job for everyone. […]