“Under the Hood: Learning Design Behind Georgia Tech’s Degrees at Scale” + “Learning How to Learn: Anatomy of a good MOOC”

Under the Hood: Learning Design Behind Georgia Tech’s Degrees at Scale — from evolllution.com by Shabana Figueroa and Yakut Gazi Excerpt: Rolling out the MM program […]

5 Ways To Survive A Student Email Avalanche

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6 Online Teaching Lessons From Albert Einstein

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How Effective is Your Online Teaching? 6 Quick Ways to Find Out

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Making a MOOC [from Harvard Magazine by Jonathan Shaw]

Making a MOOC — from harvardmagazine.com by Jonathan Shaw Excerpts: Now, as one of a small number of Harvard faculty members each year whose course […]

A Starter Kit for Instructional Designers [Ahearn]

A Starter Kit for Instructional Designers — from edsurge.com by Amy Ahearn Excerpts: A 2016 report funded by the Gates Foundation found that in the U.S. alone, […]

Rock On: Expert Advice from Two Master Teachers

Every time I look back at my career as a teacher, I realize how far I have come. What I find truly astounding is that […]

What a future, powerful, global learning platform will look & act like [Christian]

Learning from the Living [Class] Room: A vision for a global, powerful, next generation learning platform By Daniel Christian NOTE: Having recently lost my Senior […]

How Jonathan Levi Built a Successful Online Course Business Teaching Speed Reading & Memory Skills

A true serial entrepreneur, Jonathan Levi has been involved in a fair share of business ventures over the last 10 years. Some of these ventures have been […]

FLVS…How Does Your Garden Grow?

Have you ever stopped to think just how FLVS finds such incredible leaders to drive instruction and promote online education? These talented individuals do not […]