Why Do I Teach?

As a part of a professional development program I am currently pursuing with the University of Victoria, I was asked to reflect on my learning […]

Eggciting ideas!

As part of my school’s STEAM week, my class have been doing some egg investigations! We explored: The structure The make-up of the shell The […]

The Future of Teaching at the University of Edinburgh: Events in Support of the Near Future Teaching project

As I have mentioned a few times by this point (and ad nauseum to wife, friends, and family), I am working on several futures-oriented projects […]

Innovator’s Mindset MOOC (#IMMOOC): Sorry, I Don’t Do That Anymore

The last person who tried to convince me I should learn about something that, to me, held no value probably pushed me well down the […]

Innovator’s Mindset MOOC (#IMMOOC): At the Intersection of Innovation, Community, and Zombies

Yet another article—this one from Inside Higher Ed—is purportedly documenting the idea that MOOCs (massive open online courses) are dead—again. Which is news to those […]

Bring poetry to life by using a ‘green screen’

I recently did a lesson in my school’s STEAM centre.  It went really well, so I thought I’d share.  And don’t worry, you don’t need […]

I’m Finally Starting a Podcast: Here’s Why It Took Me so Long and What Might Be Holding You Back from Starting Something New

Well, after years of saying that I’m going to do this, it’s finally coming… … I’m going to release a podcast, for English learners, into […]

A Great Way To Use Tech To Help Teachers Meaningfully Engage With Families

Strong parent-teacher partnerships are key to student success in the classroom. In fact, parental engagement is very effective at predicting student achievement. When teachers and […]

Is creative work REALLY worth the time in the classroom?

It’s a fair question. I’ve heard similar questions to this at teaching conferences, in discussions and versions of it on social media. I’ve even thought […]

Innovator’s Mindset MOOC (#IMMOOC): Down the Blended Reading Rabbit Hole Again

The new-to-me practice of reading intensively beyond the page as part of my participation in the third season of George Couros’s #IMMOOC (the Innovator’s Mindset […]

Teaching effectively with limited resources!

                               Thousands of teachers across the globe teach in very humble […]

Guest Post: Teaching Children Compassionate Ways to Handle Bullies

Children are at risk for being bullied now more than ever before; due to their constant use of technology for socializing and gaming. Beyond the […]