The 9 best online collaboration tools for remote workers [Kirkwood]

The 9 best online collaboration tools for remote workers — from by Jes Kirkwood Excerpts: With this in mind, we asked remote workers from […]

“Work from home 2018: The top 100 companies for remote jobs [Shin] + “20 most common work-from-home job titles” [Howington]

Work From Home 2018: The Top 100 Companies For Remote Jobs — from by Laura Shin Excerpt: The top sectors offering such work are […]

DC: This is what I mean by saying institutions of traditional higher ed aren’t keeping pace w/ the new, exponential pace of change

From DSC: Regarding the article below…why did it take Udacity needing to team up with Infosys to offer this type of program and curriculum? Where […]

Nice experimentation going on at Michigan State — connecting remote learners with each other in new ways

Robots in the Classroom: How a Program at Michigan State Is Taking Blended Learning to New Places — from by Henry Kronk; with thanks to […]

How VR saves lives in the OR [Fink]

How VR saves lives in the OR — from by Charlie Fink Excerpt: We see seven themes emerging from new VR and AR apps […]

Heads-up higher ed! These vendors can help us bring remote learners into our face-to-face based classrooms! [Christian]

From DSC: In terms of learning, having to be in the same physical place as others continues to not be a requirement nearly as much […]

World’s first holographic call occurred on Monday, 4/3/17

[On 4/3/17] the World’s First Live Hologram Phone Call was made between Seoul and New Jersey on a 5G Network — from Excerpt: [On […]

New “Blockchain Nodes” from Microsoft & KPMG; Amazon delivers video/voice/chat/screen sharing on new service; IBM brings machine learning to the cloud

KPMG & Microsoft Announce New “Blockchain Nodes” — from Excerpt: NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — KPMG International and Microsoft Corp. have announced […]

The technology trends that will shape business and society [CB Insights]

Per X Media Lab: The authoritative CB Insights lists imminent Future Tech Trends: customized babies; personalized foods; robotic companions; 3D printed housing; solar roads; ephemeral […]

If you’re interested in the history of computing, AI, robotics, networking, and more, then you need to know about this site

Check out:     For the history of AI and robotics, see:

EDUCAUSE Research Snapshot | Leveraging Technology to Better Engage Students

EDUCAUSE Research Snapshot | Leveraging Technology to Better Engage Students — from      

How might these enhancements to Siri and tvOS 10 impact education/training/learning-related offerings & applications? [Christian]

From DSC: I read the article mentioned below.  It made me wonder how 3 of the 4 main highlights that Fred mentioned (that are coming […]