Building Rapport with Customers Through Customer Service

It’s no good having the most up-to-date tech gear, fancy coffee machine or cool open-plan office – if your business doesn’t deliver on customer service […]

Friday Finds | March 23, 2018

In every walk with nature ,one receives far more than he seeks. – John Muir Is your basketball bracket busted? Hello, UMBC! Knock on wood. […]

Evidence-Based Training: Is eLearning More or Less Effective than Classroom Training? (An Interview with Dr. Will Thalheimer)

Question for you: what’s more effective in aiding employee learning–elearning courses or classroom training? We asked the noted learning expert Dr. Will Thalheimer to answer that […]

Training Tips with Jesse Evans, Facebook

In this edition of our Training Tips series, we asked Jesse Evans from Facebook to share his insights and tips about training customers!

Microlearning: Reducing Employee Onboarding and Training Time

Historically, restaurants can have a high turnover rate. This statistic is due to several reasons, some of which are the lack of continued training, training […]

Choosing the Right LMS for Today’s Technology Trends

With the trend of technology in the 21st Century, choosing the right learning management system is key to developing successful employees that will benefit the […]

Your guide to using account-based marketing to sell training

Account-based marketing (ABM) is all the rage right now, as companies use it to laser-target their marketing to specific audience members. It's one of the […]

Importance of e-governance and leveraging technology

It is quite important that the administration leverages technology to increase citizen participation in order to spread their programs among masses. And this is not […]

How Six Sigma Training Can Help Your Team

So, you’ve heard about the Six Sigma certification – but what exactly is it and what can it do for your team? Well, to answer […]

There's No Luck in eLearning

St. Patrick's Day was this past weekend! We'd like to continue the fun by giving four-leaf clovers to everyone at the start of their customer […]

4 Steps to Convince Your Boss That #atd2018 Is the Place to Be

If you really want to attend an upcoming conference like #atd2018 but the fear of asking your boss to invest in your education is greater […]

Friday Finds | March 16, 2018

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. – John Wooden It is March Madness time here in the U.S. […]