Students as Researchers Scheme: Student Digital Experience Tracker 2017-18

The Academic Development Directorate invites York St John undergraduate students to apply to undertake paid work with academic staff on various research activities across the […]

Video on Its Way to Becoming Education Norm [Schaffhauser] + Blended Learning on the Rise [Kelly]

Video on Its Way to Becoming Education Norm — from by Dian Schaffhauser Excerpt: Video has become as ubiquitous in higher education classrooms as […]

Looking Within: How To Gather And Analyze Actionable Learning Insights

Mark Twain notoriously advised, “First get your facts; then you can distort them at your leisure.” Today, we have access to more facts to distort […]

What is Blended Learning? The Guide to Everything You Need to Know

You’ve likely heard of a lot of buzzing in the corporate world about Blended Learning and aren’t quite sure how or where to start with […]

Global Human Capital Report 2017 [World Economic Forum]

Global Human Capital Report 2017 — from the World Economic Forum Excerpt from the Conclusion section (emphasis DSC): Technological change and its impact on labour […]

The Power of Self Directed Learning in the Workplace

Working in an office, you may have some idea of what self-directed learning is. But self-directed learning (or SDL) has been around for decades and […]

This article reminds me that voice will eventually drive our future learning platforms

The End of Typing: The Next Billion Mobile Users Will Rely on Video and Voice — from by Eric Bellman Tech companies are rethinking products for […]

Unforgettable Technique: Spaced Learning is the Key to Retention

Remember the time you attended that full-day training course, immediately understood all of the content, and recalled every intellectual detail for years after? No? Chances […]

ELM Partnered With Top Clients Received 6 Awards In The 2017 Brandon Hall Group Excellence In Awards

September 08, 2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ELM in partnership with Google, Petco, Godiva Chocolatier and the American Medical Association won 6 awards in the 2017 […]

SEDA Supporting Technology Enhanced Learning 2017-18

Supporting Technology Enhanced Learning (STEL) is one of the named awards available through SEDA’s Professional Development Framework. It is relevant to all staff involved in […]

Creative Slump Got You Down? 3 Surprising Ways to Spark Inspiration

Anyone working in a creative capacity has been subject to the dreaded mental block. No matter what you do, inspiration is hard to find and […]

AR and VR in STEM: The New Frontiers in Science [Craig & Georgieva]

AR and VR in STEM: The New Frontiers in Science  — from by Emory Craig and Maya Georgieva Excerpt: Virtual and Augmented Reality are […]