5 Tips for ACCME Joint Sponsorship

Joint providership is a process that can be immensely rewarding for your association’s members. Access to new educational resources, and expanded or more diverse activity […]

The Pros And Cons Of Using A Moodle Learning Management System

MOODLE stands for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, it is a Learning Management System that enables to level up with various features, instructions, assessment […]

5 key points on What’s New in Moodle 3.4

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Early Look – Top 50 Learning Systems 4 2018

I was going to cover my Corporate Learning Systems forecast for 2018, but decided instead to discuss the Top 50 Learning Systems for 2018.  Now, […]

Interview with an Expert Series: Associate Executive Director, Myke Kudlas

Myke Kudlas is the Associate Executive Director of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists and has been a champion of eLearning for over 15 years. […]

#367 … and we’re back, but not quite as you know us!

Welcome to 2018 and another year of 1minuteCPD! What are your new year’s resolutions? If it’s to improve your digital literacy and get more tech […]

A brand new experience for your LearnWorlds school admin!

Introducing the newest minimal design The greatest strength of minimal design is the clarity of form, the clean lines, the ample white space, and the […]

How to Compile an Instructional Designer’s ePortfolio

If you don’t have an e-portfolio, put that on your bucket list for 2018. An e-portfolio is an online presence (blog or website) that displays […]

What Is Moodle LMS & 5 key Reasons To Choose Moodle As Your Learning Management System

What Is Moodle LMS? Moodle LMS is the world’s most popular and most used Learning Management System since it is flexible, open source, and free […]

10 Key Features of Moodle LMS

Moodle LMS is an open source, online Learning Management System which gives an option to the user to create their own private website filled with […]

Waxing Nostalgic with Scrooge and Old Films

Waxing Nostalgic with Scrooge and Old Films During this holiday season, it’s time to wax nostalgic while also fulfilling my blogging mission. In 2017, I set […]

Stages of Second Language Acquisition

Babies are not natural born linguists. A “goo” or “gah” might slip in between milk bottle feedings and dirty diaper changes, but infants go through […]