Dark Patterns Harm Usability

source: usability geek Any tricks on websites and apps that make users sign up for or buy things they did not intend to, or mislead […]

Fixing Feedback in the Design Process, Elearning Tools

zipBoard Digest Fixing Feedback in the Design Process Let us start by establishing the scope of design and its stakeholders. Just how buttons, colors and typeface […]

Inside the Workings of a Digital Product Studio, Hamburger menu

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Collaboration and Communication Simplify Bug Tracking

source: Tech Story Why the old system isn’t good enough Bug tracking has increasingly expanded into the domains of the entire product team, not just R&D and […]

Simplify Bug Tracking, Working with Remote Developers, Management Tools

zipBoard Digest Collaboration and Communication Simplify Bug Tracking Why the old system isn’t good enough : Bug tracking has increasingly expanded into the domains of the entire… Best […]

A Framework for Startups to go From Ideas to Working Products

source: Savy Bergeron (Dribbble) Good products solve important problems. A good product is key to transforming ideas into successful ventures and creating experiences that delight […]

Customer Feedback and Internal Collaboration, Remote Collaboration, Microlearning

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Design Podcasts to Follow

10 podcasts to learn and get inspiration from in design, UX, and tech source: Flickr One of the best ways to grow as a designer is […]

Mind the gap between UI and UX in eLearning

Finding the balance between User Interface and User Experience is always a challenge for Instructional Designers. James Quilty from Logic Earth has written a great […]

Feedback Can Make or Break The Process

Why feedback is important and how to make the most of it When done right feedback helps improve products, propels processes forward and helps spread, as […]

How Typography Affects Web Design

Understanding typography can help create an appealing website Every day you are perceiving a huge amount of different information. Moreover, the are so many ways, […]

Awesome Newsletters for Web Developers and Designers

Newsletters covering HTML, CSS, UX, Design, Web Technologies and DevOps source: JoomConnect For every phase of web development there’s inspiration and resources on the web. We’ve […]