Google Earth VR Now Includes Google Street View

Digital Bodies: We consider Google Earth VR one of the must-have virtual reality apps. From its introduction in 2016, Google Earth VR has offered new […]

David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 09/18/17

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following: instructional Design lessons from Duolingo using LEGOS to expand your thoughts on design the digital transformation […]

Using Virtual Reality to Improve Memory

With modern blended learning, we strive to build skills beyond the classroom, and support learners in how they work and live. Guest blogger Jenny Holt […]

Customer Education Leaders Should Put Virtual Reality (VR) on the Radar (Maybe)

(Photo credit: Maurizio Pesce) When I received the opportunity to attend the eLearning Guild's virtual reality (VR) conference, Realities360, in San Jose on July 26 - 28, […]

Mimesys Connect – a Fascinating Experiment in VR Collaboration

Digital Bodies: Mimesys Connect is offering a fascinating experiment in VR collaboration through Apple’s ARKit. It’s access to VR without the need for a VR […]

VR Game Lets You Play Cricket Against The World’s Best

Whilst cricket is nothing if not a game of rich traditions, it is also no stranger to adopting technology in its pursuit of a better […]

Why Museums Should Dive Into VR

As a young child, I took this photo, of the Franklin Museum’s Giant Heart, my way of expressing my love for this immersive, interactive experience. […]

A-Frame io A web framework for building virtual reality experiences: Make WebVR with HTML and Entity-Component. Works on Vive, Rift, Daydream, GearVR, desktopFiled under: · Resources, […]

AR VR News at Europe’s Massive Tech Show – IFA 2017

Digital Bodies: AR VR news coming out of Europe’s IFA 2017 conference? Looks like CES 2018 in Las Vegas has a competitor. A few years back IFA […]

Safety Training – Virtual and Augmented Reality

Safety is an increasingly important preoccupation for most industries. Whether in aviation, medicine or facilities management, the ability to respond to a threat appropriately and […]

David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 09/04/17

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following: why there’s no such thing as a digital native how your hobby can enhance your work […]

How VR Is Changing the Future of Content: 2017 Realities360 Keynote by Jane Holcombe

What is the right content for virtual reality? Maxwell Planck shared his take on the best approaches to VR in his Realities360 keynote.