The Future of eLearning

eLearning started out small in the 1970s, as a tool for medical training. Now eLearning is used across a variety of professions. I wonder what […]

John Carmack Explains Virtual Reality – from the Child to the Expert

Digital Bodies: John Carmack explains virtual reality to five different people on five different levels of difficulty – from the child to the expert. Who […]

Indusgeeks to Show INIT Interactive Platform at DevLearn by News Editor

Indusgeeks will be showcasing its latest VR training programs on October 25 and 26 at DevLearn 2017.

Oculus Dash – Can VR Replace Your Desktop?

Digital Bodies: One of the major announcements from the Oculus Connect 4 conference was the new Oculus Dash interface. Dash comes from a complete rewrite […]

Dynamic Interactive Video by Stephen Haskin

Computers and smartphones have changed video, from analog-based to “creation on the fly.” Take a look at the future of dynamic interactive video.

David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 10/16/17

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following: misconceptions regarding generations in the workplace an important question about compliance training examples of the transformative […]

Virtual Reality and eLearning: An Introduction

Virtual Reality or VR as it is popularly known as, has been around for longer than we know. A peek into the history and we […]

Live-stream of Oculus Connect VR Event

Digital Bodies: Here are the keynotes from Facebook’s Oculus Connect 4 conference. A number of major developments in VR were announced on Wednesday including the […]

At Oculus Connect – Facebook Makes The Case for VR

Digital Bodies: At the annual Oculus Connect OC4 conference today, Mark Zuckerberg made the case for VR as the next computing platform for work, play, […]

NEW Words, Trends to Know and to LEARN about in 21st Century

. . NEW Words, Trends to Know and to LEARN about in 21st Century Are YOU feeling overwhelmed with strange words, NEW trends, when you […]

Mark Zuckerberg’s Awkward Social VR Experience in Puerto Rico

Digital Bodies: Mashable tears into Mark Zuckerberg for his awkward social VR experience in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. The experience reveals how far we have to […]

Theater VR lets you play Hamlet in Virtual Reality

Digital Bodies: Theater VR is a fascinating multi-player platform that lets you tap into your inner actor. If VR makes you the character in a […]