BBC Radio’s newest program, The Inspection Chamber, uses smart home devices to allow listeners to interact with and control the plot.

Creative voice tech — from by Ella Britton New programs from Google and the BBC use voice to steer storytelling with digital assistants. Exceprt: […]

WE ARE NOT READY FOR THIS! Per Forrester Research: In US, a net loss of 7% of jobs to automation — *in 2018*!

Forrester predicts that AI-enabled automation will eliminate 9% of US jobs in 2018 — from by Gil Press Excerpt (emphasis DSC): A new Forrester […]

What Elon Musk Can Teach You About Being a Visionary Leader

The best leaders are visionaries. They see something that is possible in the distance, something others cannot see, and they communicate that vision relentlessly to […]

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and Leadership

The concept of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is one of those ideas that can change your life when learned. It is simple, and some people might even […]

2018 Tech Trends for Journalism & Media Report + the 2017 Tech Trends Annual Report that I missed from the Future Today Institute

  2018 Tech Trends For Journalism Report — from the Future Today Institute Key Takeaways 2018 marks the beginning of the end of smartphones in […]

Plan now to attend the 2018 Next Generation Learning Spaces Conference — tour USC’s campus!

From DSC: I am honored to be currently serving on the 2018 Advisory Council for the Next Generation Learning Spaces Conference with a great group […]

4 Timeless Things a Leader Can Do to Improve Immediately

Unfortunately, we have a lot of bad frontline leaders in our organizations and it comes at a tremendous cost. Here are 4 timeless things a leader […]

For institutions of higher education: Some of the ways to respond to the new, exponential pace of change [Christian]

From DSC: In Part I, I looked at the new, exponential pace of change that colleges, community colleges and universities now need to deal with […]

For colleges, community colleges, & universities: The new, exponential pace of change. [Christian]

From DSC: Some of the largest waves of change that are hitting the beaches of numerous societies throughout the globe are coming from technological changes […]

From DSC: Some reflections from the “2017 Workplace Learning Report ” from LinkedIn Learning

      From DSC: Getting employees to make time for L&D needs to be based upon “what’s in it for them” — i.e., the […]

Check out these huge announcements from Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mixed Reality Event & Google’s Pixel 2 Event

From DSC: Before we get to the announcements in more detail…. can you imaging being a teacher, a professor, or a trainer — with all […]

What if we were to tie in Google’s new Job Discovery service in w/ a next gen learning platform? [Christian]

Google’s jobs AI service hits private beta, now works in 100 languages — from by Blair Hanley Frank Excerpt: Google today announced the beta […]