Webinar: Using Customizable Courseware to Prevent Workplace Harassment

Discussions of workplace harassment are taking center stage in the news right now, and this is a topic where prevention is definitely the best medicine. […]

Why You Should Attend Our Upcoming Webinars

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Webinar: Storyline 3 Timesavers – Shortcuts, Hotkeys and More!

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A search for the best webinar platform – I need your advice.

In 2018, I will be heading a small team of webinerds as some call them. Joking aside, I’m going to choose a webinar hosting platform, […]

Your learning strategy: Keys to getting it right

Did you know that fewer than half of companies say their L&D strategy is effective in helping them achieve their business goals? A bit surprising, […]

Webinar: Newbie No More: Getting Started With Storyline

As the final page of the calendar appears, our thoughts turn to new life. Yesterday, in the northern hemisphere, we marked the Winter Solstice which […]

The System for Sales Success: an Interview with Dr. Scott Baird

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Be a hero in 2018: Save employees from boring learning

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Webinar: Introducing eLearning Brothers Styles

In last week’s webinar, we took a look at a new approach to eLearning Brothers templates: styles. These are a small change to the eLearning Brothers […]

Webinar: Creating Meaningful Scenarios

Scenarios are one of the most used of all the eLearning tools and techniques when trying to spice up your course. Often there are opportunities […]

Webinar: Set Yourself Up for Success with Camtasia

Camtasia is a phenomenal tool. Now we understand that there are some people who may disagree with that, but with the release of Camtasia 9 last […]

The ROI of eLearning Templates and Customizable Courseware

eLearning templates, games, Customizable Courseware …when budgets are tight, how do you convince business leaders to fund all the eLearning goodies on your wish list? […]