A Modern Learner’s Toolkit

A Modern Professional Learner's Toolkit for 2018 based on the Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2017 list. Continue Reading → The post […]

Knowledge Worker Problem-Solving Approach

Knowledge working is bound within the organizational context: knowledge workers use their skills and experience to innovate solutions to real-world problems Continue Reading → The […]

Thinking like a Knowledge Worker

Returning again to a topic I looked at recently, here's some insights to thinking like a knowledge worker Continue Reading → The post Thinking like […]

The Half-Life of Knowledge Workers

I'm discussing the current role of knowledge workers, how it's changing, and will propose a definition for a new type of digital worker that's emerging […]

Learning Tools Top 10 for 2017

Every year Jane Hart of C4LPT asks learning professionals to submit their Top 10 Learning Tools for the previous twelve months. Continue Reading → The […]

Teaching Organizational Learning, Part 2 – Conditions for learning

As discussed in a previous E-Learning Curve Blog post, Driscoll outlines five conditions for learning (and organizational learning). Now read on... Continue Reading → The […]

Teaching Organizational Learning, Part 1

Chris Argyris, Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School, has made significant contributions to the development of organizational learning theory and experiential learning. Any company that […]

Social Learning in the Workplace 2 – ZPD

Lev Vygotsky argues that learning precedes skills and behavior development. Continue Reading → The post Social Learning in the Workplace 2 – ZPD appeared first […]

Social Learning in the Workplace 1

Workplace learning is bound within the organisational context: knowledge workers innovate solutions and social learning is a mechanism to do this. Continue Reading → The […]

Workplace Learning – Mindtools 3

Learning is not restricted to formal learning environmentsa and learners can acquire sophisticated skills and knowledge in natural learning situations. Continue Reading → The post […]

Workplace Learning: Mindtools 2

According to Jonassen in 'Computers as Mindtools', learning is an active and creative process where information is processed “mindfully.” Continue Reading → The post Workplace […]

Leveraging Mobile Learning it the Workplace

Mobile Learning or mLearning is probably a hot topic of discussion in your organization right now. Heck, it’s already a part of your learning/training mix! […]