Leveraging Mobile Learning it the Workplace

Mobile Learning or mLearning is probably a hot topic of discussion in your organization right now. Heck, it’s already a part of your learning/training mix! […]

Workplace Elearning: Mindtools 1

Most e-learning replicates the worst features of face-to-face instruction. It may be cheaper to ‘deliver’ knowledge on the Internet, but not more effective. Continue Reading […]

Characteristics of Experiential Learning Styles

Kolb’s use of the term “learning styles” has nothing to do with VAK learning styles; if you’re interested in scientifically dubious nonsense, look elsewhere. Continue […]

Non-formal Learning in the Workplace 2

One of the primary impacts of learning is the context within which the learning takes place. Continue Reading → The post Non-formal Learning in the […]

Overcome These 6 Common Business Challenges with Workplace Learning

 Getting out of bed on a cold Monday morning is hard. Making it to the office without becoming just a little grumpy about the traffic, […]

Non-formal Workplace Learning 1

Most workplace learning takes place outside formal learning contexts, either informally or non-formally. Continue Reading → The post Non-formal Workplace Learning 1 appeared first on […]

Check out the Top 200 tools for Learning 2017 #elearning

Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies – one of the most popular learning sites on the web recently released the list of top 200 tools […]

Experiential Learning in the Workplace

Experiential learning theory (ELT) describes learning as “the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience” Continue Reading → The post Experiential Learning […]

The State of Mobile Learning in the Workplace: Research Insights (Presentation)

For most of us, work is no longer defined by our desk job alone. Nor is it confined to the four walls of the office. […]

Workplace Learning: More on Argyris and Schon

It could be argued that components of Argyris’s and Schön’s position do not conform to the Constructivist tradition. Continue Reading → The post Workplace Learning: […]

Workplace Learning: Mental Maps – Theory in Practice

Much of the real-world job of the knowledge worker is more concerned with problem setting then problem solving. Continue Reading → The post Workplace Learning: […]

More on Constructivism in Workplace Learning

Argyris and Schön suggest that members of an organization construct their own representation of organizational behaviors, which they call “theory-in-use” Continue Reading → The post […]