Take a serious look at workplace fire safety

Fire safety is a well-known branch of workplace training. But are companies really ready to face an incident?

Workplaces should be prepared to deal with the risk of fire.

Fire – it’s about as well-known as a workplace risk can be. That said, it’s important not to take fire safety for granted. Preventing fires and creating a safe work environment demands involvement from many different levels of an organization. Workers need to know how to keep themselves safe in case of an incident, and leaders need to ensure they are aware of – and working to correct – any risks their facilities may pose.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2015 report on fatal injuries in the workplace, the most recent edition available, revealed 121 people died in fires and explosions. This is significantly lower than categories such as transportation accidents or falls, and encouragingly down 16 from 2014. However, the loss of those 121 employees should be taken seriously when company leaders ask themselves whether they’ve adequately protected their own workforce.

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