The authoring tool in 2017 gomo webinar: Q&A (part 2)

Last week we hosted our latest webinar: What can we expect from the authoring tool in 2017? – featuring elearning expert Craig Weiss. As always, we received some brilliant audience questions, and below is the second half of the webinar Q&A following on from part one.

Question 4: In-house vs external content?
Do you have an idea of the percentage of content that is created directly by a company internally using gomo versus content created with a design agency?
gomo’s MD, Mike Alcock:
“Most of our customers are big organizations and they’re buying gomo because they want to bring content development in-house and they want to be able to create their own content. So I’d say the percentage is probably about 80% produced in-house and 20% with a design agency. I do see some occasions where a design agency might be brought in for a really high-end project but with gomo’s themes you can produce some pretty gorgeous stuff in-house yourselves.

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