The New Reality of Marketing in Healthcare: Zero Moment of Truth Validates the Need for Consumer Education

Organizations that offer transparency through valuable consumer education will win customers and increase both market share and brand loyalty.

Shifting Landscape of Healthcare

The healthcare industry has seen more than its fair share of change in the last decade. Now, with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the changes are coming faster than ever. One key aspect of the ACA is the Medical Loss Ratio or the 80/20 rule, which mandates that insurance companies spend no less than 80% of premium dollars on medical care and consumer health improvement, limiting what can be spent on overhead such as traditional marketing activities (1).

Meanwhile, healthcare customers are changing too, growing accustomed to more information, faster, from reliable sources, before making health-related decisions. Perhaps surprisingly, baby boomers are a huge part of this push (they’re as active in online healthcare-related searches as any other adult demographic) (2). As the industry shifts, marketers are scrambling to re-invent the way they reach their customers.

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