The One Thing Getting in the Way of Your Professional Growth

I’ve never stopped learning and striving to improve my professional development. The most difficult challenge is that I cannot rely solely on self-awareness to identify and modify behaviors that may be holding me back.

When life gets busy or work becomes stressful, we are all guilty of falling back into our comfort zones. One way to help in the process of uncovering areas of strengths and weaknesses is by taking an assessment. The first time I took a professional assessment, I was obsessed with learning what my results meant and how I could take the information and become more effective in all areas of my life, not just at work.

If you haven’t taken The Effective Leader Profile Assessment, I suggest you do so! It is eye-opening and empowering to have an instant reading of your leadership as it stands today. But the real magic happens when you choose to take action after your results are revealed.

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