The Twill Theme Will Make Your Camtasia Content Shine

Sometimes you just need a solid and crisp looking template to lock down your eLearning Video. We have quite a few of those in our Camtasia Template Library, including some like the Clouds theme, and the Stone theme. Another one that we’ve had for quite some time now is the Trim theme.

And for those of you wondering, our Trim theme is available on both Camtasia 9 for PC, and Camtasia 3 for Mac.

As one of our older templates, the Trim theme only has one intro, and one lower third. These are very simple, yet effective. Their bold green colors are sure to pop out when coupled with your project.

Continuing the bold and ribbon-like attitude, the Layouts included with the Trim theme smartly flip onto the screen, allowing for a text card, a list screen, or a photo explanation layout.

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