Tips for Monetizing Your Webinars

So, you’ve decided to start offering webinars. Or maybe you’ve been hosting webinars for a while but now you’ve decided it’s time to start monetizing them.

Over the years Blue Sky has managed educational webinars for all types of clients who have a variety of different webinar goals – to use them as a value-add for members, to keep their audience engaged throughout the year, to offer continuing education credits through virtual events, and of course, to drive additional non-dues revenue to their organization.

Why would someone pay for your webinar?

If you have decided to charge a fee for attending your live webinar, you need to ask yourself why someone would pay to attend. Are you the only one covering the topic – your audience cannot get this information elsewhere? Is your speaker someone well-known and sought after in the industry? Is the topic in high-demand? Are you offering continuing education credit? If your webinar doesn’t fall into at least one of these categories, you may have a hard time getting your audience to pay to attend.

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